Friday, 29 July 2016

How to get ridiculously long lashes

Nic has been using Lilash for months and the results speak for themselves...


Thursday, 28 July 2016

Disastrous TopShop Haul

We are totally crap at vlogging but the sun was shining and we were feeling particularly jovial so we whipped out the camera.

Let us know what else you would like to see us vlog, hope you enjoy....


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Real Techniques Your Picks winner: Berlin

So you guys voted for the Berlin design to be produced in a limited edition set including buffing brush, contour brush, stippling brush, deluxe crease brush, base shadow brush. 

 The classic black and white inspired by Berlin street art with a flash of purple was definitely one of our favourites. 

 Check out our tutorial below...

 The winning set will be available from all the usual locations within the next few weeks. We will let you know once they are available via Twitter : @Nixiepixi  @Pixiwoos

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

NYX Ultimate Palettes

Just like us, these have just landed from LA and are exclusive to Selfridges.
 Four new palettes each containing 16 shades in a mix of matte, shimmer, satin and metallic finishes.

The Brights palette..

How fun does this look!? Almost too pretty to use. A rainbow of colours each with a good pigment payoff, the blue and pink shades are particularly pigmented. The texture is slightly crumbly for certain colours (mainly yellow and green) and because of this there is a little fall out, but nothing major that can't be easily corrected.

Smokey and Highlight palette..

 The smokey and highlight palette wasn't as impressive as the brights. The colours were a little muddy and took a bit more effort to build the pigment. With the exception of 6 shades which are matte, they are all shimmer or metallic finishes.

Warm Neutrals..

 Really nice selection of golden, copper, chocolate and plum neutrals. The lighter shades were again a little crumbly but the deeper terracotta shades were rich and beautifully bold.

 Cool Neutrals..

The palest neutrals in this palette are a really nice selection and there is an interesting duo chrome green/brown in this palette. Nice addition of the purple and teal for a colour pop.

Each palette is £16.00 and are available now only from Selfridges.


Monday, 25 July 2016

Velour Lashes

Sometimes you want dramatic lashes but you still want a soft fluttery finish. We have been checking out a selection of lashes from Velour.
 These are by no means natural looking, they're pretty massive but they do have a very fluttery, gentle finish.

What's nice about these lashes is that the are layered on top of each other for a feathered look. This creates volume and texture.

Via the Velour website you can even customise your own lashes if you struggle to find the perfect pair.
You can check out the range here or at Sephora.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Lily's first makeup lesson

To celebrate the school holidays we have created a tutorial especially for the younger lady...


Thursday, 21 July 2016

Sleek Colour Corrector

We love palettes, especially this time of year when you want to carry extra products in your bag for impromptu drinks after work.

The kit contains 6 cream shades to counteract pigmentation, redness, sallowness, sun spots or just to generally pep up a dull skin tone.

The texture is very creamy and although you can go on to set them with a powder, they perform better on a normal to dry skin, especially in the hotter months.
 Colour pay off is sheer but you wouldn't really want them too bold anyway. The colour depth of these would only really be suitable for a very fair to light/medium skin tone. If you use these on a skin tone any darker it will only look obvious not hidden.
I prefer to apply my foundation and then using a soft fluffy buff  blend the selected colour corrector over the area. You only need to use small amounts and although the correction isn't overly dramatic, it will tone down high colour in the skin. The blue and the pink are great for brightening but use these sparingly as they tend to look a little ashy if over used. 

This palette is available from all you usual Sleek distributors from 29th July for £7.99 

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Tanya Burr Matte Lip

Good old Tanya Burr has done it again and produced some pretty awesome lip products. If only they made our lips look as luscious as hers!

We have three beautiful shades which are perfect for the 3 day heatwave we are going to have this week, you can wear a different one each day if you like!

These are liquid lipsticks which apply with a fluid creamy texture but quickly dry off to a total matte finish. The doe-foot applicator allows a good amount of precision, which is definitely needed with this type of product. Matte stains don't leave much room for error.

Once dry these last really well on the lips. Perfect for weddings, holidays or generally mooching about looking effortlessly glam.
 The matte texture isn't very forgiving on dry or bitten lips so make sure they are in tip top condition before you layer this on.

The pigment pay-off is awesome. Opaque and strong with a vibrant finish.

 These are £5.99 each and are available here.


Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Metallic Makeup trend Tutorial

Did you catch Nic's metallic makeup tutorial last week? Check it our below...


Monday, 18 July 2016

Sally Hansen #Ad

For some reason I tend to take better care of my nails during the summer months. Maybe it's because as our skin tone deepens in the sunshine we feel like we need to brighten up our nails so they become an accessory rather than just boring bitten nails.

Sally Hansen is a range of nail care products that has been around since the late 50’s/60’s so I have always felt like it’s a brand I have grown up with. Products I felt confident to use because I had watched our mum use them and as a brand whose foundation is in treating and caring for the nails, it’s a product line we are happy to recommend.

Sally Hansen offers an extensive range of nail care treatments.  Products are categorised into base/top coats, straighteners, growth treatments, cuticle treatments and manicure aids. They are the experts in nail treatments and offer a prescription for every nail need or issue.

In prep for the Summer I wanted a nail detox and as we are constantly on the go it needed to be an easily transportable collection of products. Being non-stop busy with work as well as being a mum my nail care takes a back seat. My cuticles are always obviously dry. I’m guilty of occasionally biting my nails (and surrounding skin) and find that my nails peel easily. My thumbnails are fairly strong albeit a little ridged but my other nails are quite weak. They are also consistently dull looking.

We selected some key products to get our nails summer ready.

First of all I used the nail care kit to prep my nails by trimming and filing them.

To address my dry cuticles I used the Vitamin E nail and cuticle oil. It’s a glass vial of odourless oil, which is applied via the flexible application brush.

 I applied all over the base of the nail and massaged it in. The oil surprisingly wasn’t greasy and absorbed super fast, probably because my cuticles are so disgustingly dry! The oil uses wheat germ, apricot kernel, aloe and panthenol to condition cuticles and moisturise the nail bed. The results are instant after one application.

To remedy the peeling of my nails I used the Miracle cure. This is a clear treatment, which has to be applied every other day. It targets dryness and fills in any fine cracks, which may later cause the nail to break or peel. Perfect if you have previously damaged your nail and find it always splits at the same point.

 After using this for 2 weeks I noticed an improvement in the peeling. Before, if I noticed any flakiness of my nails I would pick at it but the Miracle Cure has helped to prevent this flakiness by improving the moisture in my nails. Because I haven’t been peeling the layers off, my nails now feel stronger and more resilient.

On the days when I like to wear colour I have been using the 7-in-1 complete care nail treatment. 

It’s a protective base and topcoat infused with avocado oil, sea salt, pomegranate and calcium. Not only does it prevent your nail varnish from staining the nails it also seals in the colour and improves your nail varnish

longevity. You can wear it on it’s own if you just want your nails to look glossy with a transparent finish but it performs best with colour. 

When applied as a base it evens the texture of the nail, fills in cracks and ridges and enables your colour to look smooth and professional. Layer on as a topcoat to keep the nails moisturised. This is also a great product to take away on holiday as you can reapply the topcoat once the sun begins to dull down your nail colour.

You can purchase these products here. If you are interested to see what other Sally Hansen products will benefit your nail type then check them out on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Via their YouTube channel.


Friday, 15 July 2016

Soap and Glory Supercat Skinny Liner

Ooh new liner love! Soap and Glory Supercat Skinny liner is a jet black inky liner which is delivered through a firm, slim felt tip style nib.

The nib is rigid and firm so there isn't too much flexibility but I quite like that. It means you can literally draw your line with great precision. It's even easy to tight line with without it getting into your eye.

The liquid is the perfect consistency, not too wet and not too dry. The black dries off to a satin finish so it has a slight light reflection.

It lasts throughout the day with no transfer and can be built up easily if you need to take your liner from day to night.

Available now here for £6.50 alongside a Supercat Fat if you prefer a chunky line.


Thursday, 14 July 2016

Jem + Bea Bags

We were recently sent the cutest bags from luxury brand Jem + Bea. Jem and Bea is a collaboration by two friends, Dominique and Rebecca. Rebecca has a background in handbag design and has previously worked for Mulberry, Anya Hindmarch and Burberry whilst Dominique has a background in law. After becoming parents they decided they were fed up with the selection of standard old-fashioned changing bags that were available. Once you become parents you tend to use your changing bag as your main handbag, why would you carry two bags after all? They felt like they wanted their changing bags to still reflect their style and identity, something that often takes a back seat once you become a parent!

There are some seriously cool bags from this brand and they certainly don't compromise style over function. They all look beautiful have strong and durable straps, huge compartments that can hold the sheer volume of 'stuff' you have to carry and are all wipe clean. 

The bags, which we have been sent, are more geared up for keeping your makeup or small accessories inside so that you can sling them in your main bag and locate them with ease. I can never find my phone or keys in my bag so I’ll be slinging them in here for sure.

If you're looking for a top quality changing bag, luxury gift for a baby shower or just want to sling a few bits of makeup in a slim bag which will fit into your handbag or changing bag then check out the collection here.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

TopShop Festival Collection

 We are so busy this year that we don't have time to head off to our annual local festival, Latitude that kicks off here this Thursday.
 In honour of this we thought we would share these beautiful festival inspired glitters, which arrived this week.
 TopShop always have some pretty awesome clothes for festival season and have launched a collection of makeup to be worn alongside.
 Glitters look sensational in the evening lights of a festival and they don't even really require a mirror or any form of precision to make them work.

We have the hair glitter pot in Amulet which looks great sprinkled down the centre of your hair or mixed with your usual styling product and applied throughout the hair lengths. It gives off a pearlescent, holographic shimmer.

The mini glitter pots are available in four colour options. We have Far Out which is a colourful mix of royal blues, purple, fuchsia and green. The glitter pot in Scarab is a mix of Emerald green and turquoise for a full on mermaid festival look.
 The glitter shards are pretty chunky so are best pressed onto the high points of the face over the top of a clear lip balm or eyelash glue.

Glitter pots are £5 and the hair glitter is £7.50. Both available here.

Why don't you tweet us your festival looks to @Pixiwoos @nixipixi

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

70's Inspired Tutorial

We are feeling Studio 54 today. Check out Sam's tutorial below.....


Monday, 11 July 2016

Eucerin #Ad

A lot of people always ask me via Instagram what body care products I have been using, in particular what I use on my legs to achieve the radiant finish. I stumbled upon Eucerin by accident really. In the search for a skin care solution to treat my ridiculously dry legs I grabbed a bottle of the Eucerin Intensive Lotion 10% w/w Cutaneous Emulsion . It's an emulsion treatment to remedy very dry skin. Perfect for a sensitive skin and if you are suffering from any other skin conditions such as Eczema, Ichthyosis or Hyperkeratosis then you can be confident that it is a brand which is dermatologist-recommended. 
The Intensive Lotion leaves your skin looking like it is made of plastic. Your legs look literally out of this world. The sheen it provides evens the skin’s surface, moisturises and leaves my legs looking fantastic. The lotion is easily absorbed and leaves the skin feeling soothed and comfortable.
The Eucerin Sun Lotion Extra Light gives a similar finish to the skin but with the added bonus of a very high SPF UVB of 50+ and UVA protection. What I love about this sun cream is that it still has the skin benefiting ingredients and even though it's a super high protection, it doesn't feel thick and sticky. The extra light formula massages in quickly with no residue. Suitable again for very sensitive skins and is also water resistant.
In prep for the Summer I've also been using the Intensive Foot Cream 10% Urea , which has a similar texture. It is an oil in water formula, which means that it won't leave your feet feeling slippery or greasy. It softens calluses and reduces any hard areas of the feet, which always crop up when you make the transition from boots to flip-flops.
Eucerin have tons of other products in their portfolio which are targeted towards specific skin types and conditions, not just those which are dry or sensitive. If you have pigmentation from sun damage, aging or as a result of pregnancy or feel like you need skin care which will help plump skin which has lost volume then they have the range to cover it. They also cater for children, sun care and scalp conditions. Selected Boots stores in the UK offer skin consultations with Eucerin specialists if you are not sure which products would benefit you the most. You can check the brand out here.


Thursday, 7 July 2016

MUFE Artist Rouge Creme

Blimey there are a lot of shades in the new line up of MUFE Creme lipsticks. 

Beautiful rich opaque pigments, which uses a triple-grinding technology (sounds kinky!). The pigments are ground three times to ensure they are micro-fine thus enhancing the purity and light reflection.
 The formula is blended with transparent oil so that only the purest pigment shines through and is not dulled down.
They feel super comfortable to wear, creamy but not tacky. Mallow and macadamia oils help the pigment to glide over the lips whilst providing a cushioned hydrated finish. I love the narrow angled bullet of these lipsticks. It helps with the precision and enables you to reach the corners and coat the Cupid’s bow.

The shades:

These lipsticks are £17.00 and will be available here from August 2016.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Giorgio Armani Matte Eye Tints

On paper these don't sound very interesting but they are a fabulous addition to any makeup bag. We reviewed the original Armani eye tints back in February last year (read here) but the latest additions are a selection of smokey neutrals suitable for all skin tones.

 They are great to wear alone to give that Heroin-chic makeup look that just subtly tints to enhance the skins depth.
 They are totally matte once they set so have the feel of a bare lid, there's no gloss or balmy texture.

Not too much playtime as you would expect so get them on and buff them out to your desired shape the longevity is insanely good. We recommend wearing low under the eye for a sultry look.

 They also make an excellent base for a classic beautifully diffused smokey eye.

 We have 4/6 shades to show you, each has a warm undertone but all in varying shades of brown....

These are available here now for £27      

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