Thursday, 9 June 2016

Jouer Lip Créme

If you are in need of a long wearing lipstick this summer then check out Jouer lip créme from Cultbeauty. Perfect for holidays, dates, brides and great for days at work when you may not have time to re-apply. 

16 shades of lip créme which apply via a doe foot applicator. Product applies in a creamy layer which has instant bold pigment. They dry off pretty quick but are fine to be layered up if you need to even out the lip line.

Once set they obviously feel drying on the lips but not uncomfortably so. Once you get used to the matte texture you can apply and literally forget about your lips for the rest of the day.You can lick your lips, eat and drink. The staying power is excellent.
 The matte texture covers the lips evenly without a patchy finish although if you have any texture or dryness to the lips then this will be made more visible.
 Nice selection of shades in a mix of metallic and matte finishes.

 All Jouer packaging has tracks running down the casing so that they can all be snapped together to form a custom palette.

 The lip crémes can't be clicked to each other but the will connect to the other products from the brand

 The lip créme also smell a-maz-ing! We came to the conclusion that it's Vanilla and smells like Cream soda!
 To remove these you need to use something oily. Gently massage the oil into the lips and then use a facial wipe to lift off the product.
 These are £14.00 each and available now here.


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  2. I love the sound and look of these lip cremes, especially the shades Framboise and Petale De Rose. Who doesnt want a long-lasting lip product that you don't have to touch up every couple of hours?! Although, to be honest, I was totally sold as soon as I read that they smell like cream soda!

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  3. I love the colour Cassis. A product like this will great for a night out : )

  4. Melon looks like a gorgeous colour

  5. Gorgeous colors!! Love it so much!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. So many gorgeous shades! I need to try these!


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