Monday, 27 June 2016

Attack of the giant Bronzer

I don't know about you but recently we have noticed that bronzers ARE OUT OF CONTROL. Some of them are so big that when you open the lid they literally block out the sun, maybe that's their cunning plan? I'm not sure why they need to be so big? The packaging is so cumbersome that you frequently drop them and smash them into smithereens. They don't fit in your makeup bag so you can't take them on holiday (surely they are a key item to take when off on your holidays). Soon we won't just have to decant our liquids into a 100ml container; we will be scrapping our bronzers into 10p-sized pots because there is no room in the overhead lockers for all of our faux tan powders.

We aren't denying that they are great products we just think the size of the packaging has a certain comedy value. It's almost like the female equivalent of a man driving an unnecessarily big car...and we all know what department he is making up for when he does this!

Here are some of the contenders with a life size Dalmation for scale (jokes)...

Glam Bronze from L'Oreal 


It's practically microscopic compared to its monstrous sisters but still straying over to the dark side.

Crème de la mer bronzer

This one is a sneaky minx. You think it's massive but when you open it up it's disappointingly small, I'm sure we can all relate!

Pür Glow Together bronzer

At least with this one you don't need to take a mirror on holiday. I can see all of my face, and all of the person behind me too.

Marc Jacobs Bronze

May be slim but it's certainly pretty beefy.

Kiko Essential Bronzer

This one is a multi purpose bronzer with its shimmer AND shine. We think its multi purpose benefits are that you can wedge your door open with it during the summer breeze or pop it under the wonky leg of your table whilst alfresco dining in the sun.

Tom Ford Bronzing Powder

Tom's attitude is go big or go home. The T-Rex of the bronzer world and our winner of the world’s largest bronzer competition.

Have you seen any giant bronzers lurking about? 

P.S  This is just a jokey blog because we are all feeling a little bogged down in the studio today...But these bronzers are still huge!



  1. I love your comment about man driving a big car, I wouldn't ever think that ha ha :) Seriously some companies just exaggerate things, just put one of them in the makeup bag then nothing will ever fit in it!

    Ela BellaWorld

  2. This is a hilarious post haha but yeah you are so right about this! It's not even an essential makeup product to have anyway (well in my opinion it's not anyway) so it's like why do they even need to be that big?!? xx

  3. It sounds great! Nice post!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  4. I do love a bronzer though! I love the UD Beach Bronze which is cute and slim too x

  5. The Sunkissed Giant Bronzing compact has been a best seller for Sunkissed Cosmetics for the last seven years! The soft velvety powder in a matt finish. I would love to add Glam Bronze from L'Oreal in my daily beauty routine with lifecell for perfect look.

  6. I absolutely adored this post and I really needed a good laugh after a cruddy day. So, thank you for making me smile :) Makeup is great therapy!

  7. This post is hilarious! I've always wondered why some bronzers are so massive. Glad it's not just me! x


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