Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Nudestix gel colour lip and cheek balm

 I adore the texture and convenience of the new Nudestix gel lip and cheek balms. Crayon style application with a soft rounded nib which provides a balmy coat of gel textured shine suitable for the lip or cheek.

For the lips they feel super moisturising and fresh with a really good pigment pay-off. For the cheeks they provide a natural flush which suprisingly doesn't feel sticky. They didn't last as well on the cheeks as they did on the lips though. After one phone call a lot of the product has transfered onto my phone screen.

 Each Nudestix comes in its own tin along with a sharpener to keep the precision nib. There is also a really annoying paper leaflet which curls around the inside of the tin and makes me drop the product every time!! 

These are available now here


Monday, 27 June 2016

Attack of the giant Bronzer

I don't know about you but recently we have noticed that bronzers ARE OUT OF CONTROL. Some of them are so big that when you open the lid they literally block out the sun, maybe that's their cunning plan? I'm not sure why they need to be so big? The packaging is so cumbersome that you frequently drop them and smash them into smithereens. They don't fit in your makeup bag so you can't take them on holiday (surely they are a key item to take when off on your holidays). Soon we won't just have to decant our liquids into a 100ml container; we will be scrapping our bronzers into 10p-sized pots because there is no room in the overhead lockers for all of our faux tan powders.

We aren't denying that they are great products we just think the size of the packaging has a certain comedy value. It's almost like the female equivalent of a man driving an unnecessarily big car...and we all know what department he is making up for when he does this!

Here are some of the contenders with a life size Dalmation for scale (jokes)...

Glam Bronze from L'Oreal 


It's practically microscopic compared to its monstrous sisters but still straying over to the dark side.

Crème de la mer bronzer

This one is a sneaky minx. You think it's massive but when you open it up it's disappointingly small, I'm sure we can all relate!

Pür Glow Together bronzer

At least with this one you don't need to take a mirror on holiday. I can see all of my face, and all of the person behind me too.

Marc Jacobs Bronze

May be slim but it's certainly pretty beefy.

Kiko Essential Bronzer

This one is a multi purpose bronzer with its shimmer AND shine. We think its multi purpose benefits are that you can wedge your door open with it during the summer breeze or pop it under the wonky leg of your table whilst alfresco dining in the sun.

Tom Ford Bronzing Powder

Tom's attitude is go big or go home. The T-Rex of the bronzer world and our winner of the world’s largest bronzer competition.

Have you seen any giant bronzers lurking about? 

P.S  This is just a jokey blog because we are all feeling a little bogged down in the studio today...But these bronzers are still huge!


Friday, 24 June 2016

Clarins Summer Lip

We are big fans of the Lip Perfectors from Clarins. Because of the sheer wash of colour they provide you can pretty much slick on any of them and they will just work! Total easy-to-wear lip balms with a gloss and tint.

One of these are sold every 36 seconds worldwide! They work on all skin tones so are pretty universal. 

To celebrate the beginning of Summer (have you seen the weather!)Clarins have launched three new limited edition glosses.
If you're a packaging junkie you may also like the limited edition packaging too.

 They provide a fresh radiant finish in three juicy shades. A hydrolipidic film coats the lips to form a soft protected barrier that feels balmy, not sticky.

They have also launched a twist-up lip balm infused with Shea oil and organic cocoa butter.It is totally clear and great to protect and repair dried out lips (you can see it in the top picture) Although if you're in the UK at the moment then your more likely to suffer wind burn rather than sunburn!

These are available from Sunday 26th June at all your usual Clarins stockists.


Thursday, 23 June 2016

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks

We have got our hands on a selection of the new Vice lipsticks from Urban Decay.

Matte, cream and metallized finishes with the bold pigment we all know Urban Decay does so well.

Nicola Haste

Nicola Chapman

Vice Lipsticks are £15 each and are available here now.


Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick

New gorgeous foundation alert!

The latest from Estee Lauder is a twist-up stick foundation with a sponge head. The liquid is dispersed through a small hole in the sponge and can then be immediately buffed over the face. No need for a separate brush.

You literally need to twist it half a click for an adequate amount of foundation to appear. Buff it over the face and then turn the end again to produce enough foundation for another layer. Don't click the end too much as you'll be left with loads of product which is impossible to blend in naturally.

The finish of the foundation is beautiful. A natural radiant satin, which provides an undetectable coverage. Skin looks flawless but not caked and skin is evened out well without a serious camouflage.  It applies in a medium cover creamy texture but after buffing it absorbs well with no greasy residue. Would be perfect for a dry to combination skin. It’s an oil-free foundation so would still be suitable for an oily skin, however you may like to apply a dusting of powder over just to take off any unwanted sheen.

The sponge tip is removable and can be washed out to ensure it remains bacteria free.

If you have a problematic skin then I would advise cleaning it after every use.

A very adaptable foundation as it can be built up for a fuller cover or dabbed on key points of the face for a minimal cover.

  A great shape for travel with the added bonus of not needing a brush to blend. You may even be able to leave your regular concealer at home as it provides great on the spot cover too.

Lasted really well all day and didn't settle or separate on the skin. Great to whip out for touch-ups if required. If you are someone who likes to do their makeup on the train then this is the one for you!

 Available in a huge 20 shades and available here in July for £28.00.


Tuesday, 21 June 2016

How to apply False Lahes

Nic recaps the easiest way to apply false lashes...


Monday, 20 June 2016

MAC A/W16 Trend report

Following on from Friday's feature on the Strict group of trends, here are the Loose group.

The Loose Group

These trends are sensual and organic with dusky eyes and bittern lips. Low maintenance skin and tones which work with the individual rather than making everybody look the same.


Earthy shades with blurred lines. 

Prabal Gurung New York

Visible skin but with a soft focus finish and a highlight in all the right places. 

Carolina Herrera New York

 Real brows and softly lined eyes with a sheer wash of colour on the lips.

Alberta Ferretti Milan


Seamless buffed foundation which enhances the skins texture. 

Iris Van Herpen Paris

 A romantic feel to overall makeup which uses minimal product to enhance the eye.

Antonio Marras Milan
  Pops of fuchsia and eye gloss add something a little different and lips once again are softly stained.

Alexis Mabille Paris


Friday, 17 June 2016

MAC A/W 16 Trend report

Sorry to talk about Autumn/Winter before we have dipped our toe fully in Summer but here is your heads-up on what's what for makeup courtesy of the MAC trend report.
 The trends sit under two umbrellas of Strict and Loose.

The Strict group

Makeup is an accessory to the face. Accents of glitter and rainbow liners. Embellishing the facial features whilst keeping the skin fresh and plumped.

Sharp Trend

 This trend has an emphasis on the lips. Dark cherry lips with a vinyl finish. Precision is key so dig out your lip liners and give them a good sharpen. 

Max Mara Milan
Hyper real, satin finish skin and a played down eye. Blusher is barely there whilst the brows are soft and fluffy but still tamed.

Gareth Pugh London

Proenza Schouler New York  

 Razor trend

Tough extreme black eyes in a modern punk style. 

Giamba Milan

Using liner to create unique shapes. Let your artistic flare go wild and step away from the normal liner looks.

Kenzo Paris

 Skin is flawless and fresh with a pop of colour to give a pinched cheek effect. The lips are stained with a rose-bud tint.

Ryan Lo London


Psychedelic quirkiness with splashes of embellishment.

Charlotte Olympia London

Get creative with glitter and work outside the natural boundaries of the eyes. 

Fausto Puglisi Milan
Use vibrant mattes teamed with neutral satins for interesting textures.

Thom Browne New York

The Loose group is up on Monday.

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Marc Jacobs Glow stick

Not the kind of glow sticks we are used to from our 90's raving days! A portable, pocket sized highlighting stick which looks very sleek. 

The solid block of twist up highlighter delivers a wash of pearlised  highlight which adds a wet look sheen to the high points of the face.

The flat of the chunky applicator applies easily to larger areas of the face or for a smaller delicate area you can use it on its side.

Doesn't feel wet or sticky and the sheen lasts well throughout the day. 
 You can get hold of it here in the UK and here elsewhere.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Paperself Tattoo Me

We know Paperself create some pretty amazing lashes however we have been checking out their TattooMe range.
 They have some super cute tattoo transfers which can be applied to any part of the body making a great adornment for festivals.

Here are a selection of our favourites....

As you can imagine, the kitten tattoos are our particular favourite!

You can customise them and embellish them to suit your style.
Cut out the design, remove clear top sheet and apply to clean skin. Once in place just press over a damp cloth and gently peel away the paper. 

Harry and Edie particularly loved them!...

 Check the other designs out here..


Monday, 13 June 2016

How to create natural full browsTutorial

Watch our tutorial on how to achieve full natural brows using good-old fashioned soap and water.
 Check it out below..


Friday, 10 June 2016

Illamasqua Hypnotica

For festival season Illamasqua have launched a vibrant collection of cream and liquid products which can be applied in the conventional fashion or used to create unique body art.

 Sketch sticks are multi-use crayon which provide a vibrant colour pigment to the skin. Use them as a splash of colour over the eyes or draw directly onto the body.

Also fun to use as a base under your eye shadow or buffed through the socket to create an interesting blend.

The lip lures are an awesome liquid lipstick. Ten bold shades with a high shine finish. Applies like a paint with a long lasting finish.

Also for the lips is Lava lips lipstick. A marbled lipstick of magenta and teal which together create a deep lavender.

This limited edition collection is available now here.
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