Tuesday, 10 May 2016

SkinCeutical Mineral matte

Another great product to use whilst in the sun landed on my desk this week which is targeted at an oily skin. Sorry all you guys who have a dryer skin, I'm not leaving you out it's just that there seems to be an abundance of sun care for naturally shiny skinned people!
 It's a hybrid product which combines a primer, sun care, oil absorption and a sheer tint.
 Use it as a base to your makeup when you are planning to be outside. It instantly mattes the skin..like seriously mattes the skin, and provides a protection of SPF 30 broad spectrum.

It contains aerated silica which absorbs up to 15 times its weight in oil, iron oxides which provide a sheer tint and soft focus powders which blur pores and imperfections.
 It's also been tested thoroughly under extremes of heat and humidity.

What do we think?

It's very thick but a small amount goes a long way. It initially feels a little chalky and as I blended it into the skin it bobbled up. After working it into the skin for a few seconds with a warm finger it smoothed itself out though.
 Totally mattes the skin and shine is reduced immediately. The dry texture makes it perfect for an oily skin. Don't even bother using it if you suffer with any dryness or flaking as this will cling.
 Foundation applied normally and it didn't alter the colour of my regular base, it does however contain a high level of titanium dioxide (25%) which causes this to flash back.
 The flash back will leave your face looking white in photographs so avoid it if you plan on having your picture taken i.e your wedding or an outdoor photo shoot. Perfect though if you are just going about your daily life in the sunshine or humidity.
 The nude shade of this would also look ashy on anything darker than an olive-toned skin. 
 It performed well as a base and kept my skin nice and matte all day.

Not a cheap product at £39.00 for 30ml and as the expiration date is 12 months, you may not get the use out of it during a good old British Summer but great if you live somewhere a little warmer.
 Available from this month (May) here.




  1. Ooh, don't apologise, I feel so many beauty posts/reviews are about 80% of the time aimed at people with diet skin. So for me, blessed with oily skin, this is fab! I'd definitely be keen to sample this at least, I love that it combines so many things all in one. £39 is pricey but if it really does mattify your skin (like so many 'mattifying' products claim to do - but don't!), then that's not too bad a thing.

    She's So Lucy // Health, Wellness & Beauty

  2. Great product review. I particularly love your honesty about the worth of the product in regard to the price and expiration date :) X


  3. Oh never apologise for oily skin reviews! I love them! So many of the skincare products available are aimed at dry skin - anything for oily/dehydrated is right up my street. This sounds interesting - but it is pricy. I have a bit of flashback fear but for daytime I may try this out.

    Beekeyper - Latest post - Real Techniques Shader Brush Review

  4. ITS weight. ITS is not IT'S. Basic grammar school English. Never fails that you get this wrong. IT'S is "IT IS." You want the possessive, which is ITS. Most of your posts are badly written, but this is one thing for which you guys get laughed at online in other forums and you might consider trying to learn to get it right already.

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    2. Ooh how exciting! Can you send me the link to the forum, we love reading these over a cuppa.x

  5. It sounds great! Thanks for sharing!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. Great review.. Today many products now come with moisturizer with SPF too.Which is great. I have aslo oily skin and from past 6 months I am having Revitol women skin care products Its amazing I love Revitol :-)


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