Monday, 9 May 2016

Pat McGrath Skin Fetish

This is the golden set

 If ever there was an award for most exquisitely packaged product then OH MY GOD this is the winner. If you are a creative person like us then you will die when you see how this product arrives in the post, it's a thing of beauty.. I didn't even want to open it!..P.s when you do open it make sure you have a spare bag ready to put all of your sequins in!

So simple and minimalistic but so eye catching and attractive whilst being totally relevant to the product inside.

Makeup artist Pat McGrath has developed two other-worldly highlighter kits which are sensational on both light and darker skin tones.
 Suitable for all obviously but targeted more towards pro makeup artists. They offer three highlighting options depending on how you choose to apply it.

There are two colour options of nude and golden..


Yes you are correct.. that is a pouch filled with sequins which holds a stick highlighter, powder highlighter and application brush..

Nude packaging

Who needs that many sequins? one...Who wants them?...Everyone!

Packaging aside this product is lovely. Each pouch contains, among the sequins, a twist up stick which has a highlighter in one end and a clear balm in the other, a small pan of powder pigment highlighter and a buffing brush.

Highlighting stick from the Nude option

You can apply either end on their own or you can layer them on top of each other for a more intense glossy finish.
 The balm end will give a wet look effect to the skin which has a water-like feel to it. The nude highlighter is emolient rich and glides over the skin leaving a veil of champagne/pink pearl. Wearing the balm end on top of the highlighter creates a mirror shine with a liquid editorial finish.

Nude set showing the highlighter end along with the pigment pot

Nude set showing the clear balm end

  The pot of pressed pigment which accompanies this set is a powder highlighter which gives off an ethereal pink pearl. Wear it on it's own or layer it onto the shiny stick to add a pink hue.
 The small buffing brush is duo-fibered to ensure you can blend and move the product over the skin to buff it in seamlessly.

Nude shiny stick and nude pigment

We had already opened this one so have no packaging to show you but it's the same sequined filled pouch except the sequins were gold.

The golden set holds the same style shiny stick with a clear balm end and a golden highlighter end. The powder pigment in the set gives off the same intense pearl highlight but with a golden hue.

Gold shiny stick and gold pigment

 The balm end for both sets is totally clear but looks like this on the skin...

 Each set is $72.00 (around £50.00) and can be purchased here. Unfortunately this product is currently sold out but visit the website for info on new stock.



  1. This really is glorious, isn't it! I love the editorial feel and finish. Is this only available via Sephora for us Brits?

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  2. 😍😍 I love that balm thing!


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