Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Hourglass Ambient light correcting primer

Remember those tubes of chalky yellow, green and lavender colour correctors from the early 90's. Even the most skilled makeup artist would struggle to apply them without the recipient looking slightly sea sick.
 Colour correcting has come a long way since then and Hourglass have created a beaut of a colour corrector which is impossible to get wrong.

They have three new colour correctors which rather than correct the undertones in your skin they correct the light which radiates.
 Each light corrector reflects a different pigment which balances out the warmth or coolness of the skin.
 They are to be worn as a primer so on top of your moisturiser but underneath your foundation.

They create the first layer of light on the skin which can be worn underneath any foundation. If you wear it under a dewy finish foundation then it will ensure your skin looks hyper radiant and fresh, if you wear it under a matte foundation it will just prevent your skin from looking a little flat or dull. 
 The oil free texture means it doesn't feel greasy or alter the texture of your normal base finish.
The skin looks blurred, softened and  naturally radiant. 

The three different shades are..

Dim Light- A natural beige that creates a soft warming peach finish to the skin. Works well on a yellow undertone or on a medium to olive skin tone.

Luminous Light- A champagne pearl which lightens and brightens the skin to give the effect of a candlelit glow. Great for a fairer skin.

Mood Light- A softer, pinker light which gives a subtle freshness to the skin and tones down any obvious pigmentation in the skin. Works better on a pink toned skin.

 These buff in to the skin easily and because the radiance they produce is so subtle you can even use it on the T-Zone area without fear of your skin looking greasy.
 A perfect choice of primer for occasions when you may be photographed such as your wedding. Leaves skin beautifully lit and fresh whilst enhancing the wear of your foundation.

These are £36.00 each and are available now here.



  1. I really like the Hourglass company in general and their products are always of good quality. These interest me a lot and will most definitely be hunting these down to test on my skin. xo

  2. Any good for dark skin? Want to be matte but glowy..if you know what i mean? Thanks! x


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