Monday, 23 May 2016

A-Z of our favourite brands (K-M)

Our favourite brands from K-M....


Kevyn Aucoin   
Sensual skin enhancers are the ultimate full coverage concealer. They are also really adaptable so you can mix it with your regular primer and use as a full cover foundation.

 The ultra facial cream is probably our most used premium moisturiser. Great for our dry skin and creates a good emolient base for makeup.

 We have followed Kiko's journey from the start and tend to use a selection of their products in our tutorials. The liquid and gel liners are our star products from the range.

Koh gen do
We do love a face wipe (naughty I know). But if you are going to use them to cleanse with every now and again then we highly recommend the water wipes from KGD. The Maifanshi foundation is another favourite of ours. It's a liquid, mineral based foundation that gives skin a sheer finish with an enviable glow.


The Rouge in love lipstick collection have a great colour selection with a very comfortable hydrates finish.
Also loving the Art liner for extreme flicks. 

Not a fan of the name but the superbalm is a wonderful lip balm, cuticle treatment and split end smoother. Always a good product to have rolling around the bottom of your handbag.
La Roche Posay
Serozinc is nice to spritz on the skin to soothe and calm but also to aid foundation buffing.

Laura Mercier
The Créme liner has a great consistency. Creamy obviously but workable and flexible. Long lasting and extra black.

Le Maquillage Professional
This brand do some great colour correcting palettes. Perfect for makeup artists.

 We have been using Lilash and have seen dramatic results in both the length and thickness of our lashes.
Louise Young
Louise Young has a great range of makeup brushes but we particularly like her liner brushes.


Brow drama from Maybelline gives hair definition and a natural colour.

MAC eye shadows are always a safe bet. Good colour range, strong pigment and excellent longevity.

HD Ultra foundation looks great on both camera and in real life. Works really well on an oily skin type.


  1. I love this list and the fact that there's drugstore aka high street products

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  3. I think you left out mac's face and body! I know Sam loves it!!


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