Thursday, 7 April 2016

Liquid Palisade

If you don't have a very steady hand and find that you get more nail polish on your cuticles and surrounding skin than you do on your nails then check out Liquid Palisade. Sounds a bit scientific doesn't it!

  It's a peel off barrier which you paint all around your nail bed. You need to build up a couple of layers to ensure you can peel it off easily.

 Once dry you can go ahead and paint your nails as slap dash as you want knowing that you can simply peel off the barrier. 

Excuse my bloody awful nails!
It applies as a thick lilac liquid and dries off to a deep purple. It's made from rubber latex and is perfectly safe on the skin, providing you don't have a latex allergy!

As you can see I quite literally slapped nail polish on in my usual haphazard fashion.

 Once it's fully dry, paint your nails as normal and leave to dry off before simply peeling off the rubber barrier.
 It peels off in one without breaking and doesn't dry or pull the surrounding skin.

There is also a special Liquid Palisade for creating a French Manicure or nail art. It has a super fine brush so you can use it as a barrier to get a straight edge to your French nails.
 These are $14.00 each (around £10.00).

Check here for stockists and shipping info.



  1. I love the cute box, but the quantity looks a little lacking. I can't imagine you would get a lot of uses out of it, if you are someone who changes your nail colour quite regularly you are better off just with a good old fashioned nail polish remover and a small brush so you can just take away the excess. It most likely amounts to the same amount of effort and time as well.

    Kiran |

  2. This is genius!!

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  3. It looks like fun to try but i'm not sure I'd have the patience to apply that before every manicure though. I also agree with alittlekiran, the amount of product you receive appears to be a little stingy taking into consideration that the liquid is thick. Would be interested to know how many uses you managed to get out of it?

  4. This stuff this amazing especially for the days when you want to try out some nail art

  5. (not) speaking of which, when is your book coming out? I was also wondering if you're going to include male makeup in it? I think it would be really interesting to read what you have to say about for an example male makeup for weddings and also what to do about beards, side-burns etc when doing a mans makeup.

    1. The end of the year. Unfortunately we don't feature a male makeup section.x

  6. Even though it looks interesting, I'm not sure about giving it a try. I hate adding extra step to my nail polish routine.

    Ela BellaWorld

  7. Wow what an amazing idea! I need this in my life as I am so messy doing my nails

    Lauren x |

  8. i need products like this! x

    jess x |

  9. You could always use PVA glue instead! X


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