Wednesday, 27 April 2016

January Labs Power peel exfoliant

We were recently sent a sample of January Labs power peel exfoliant to test out.
 After hearing Caroline Hirons talk about this mask in her recent vlog I was keen to test out the tingle she described (I also love the burn!).

 January Labs power peel exfoliant is an orange liquid gel product which applies to the skin as a mask like film. 
 It contains phenol which is influential in removing dead skin cells and inhibits bacterial growth. This helps to remove skin clogging bacteria and buildup of dead skin which lead to breakouts.
 It also uses cinnamon oil to stimulate (and boy does this stimulate) plump and rejuvenate the skin. The warmth that the cinnamon oil provides seriously gives a sluggish dull skin a boot up the arse. 
 It also contains chloroxylenol which acts as an anti-bacterial agent kicking acne causing bacteria to the curb!

 Apply a thin layer all over the face and neck and leave for 10-15 minutes. It dries off leaving a shiny film all over the face. Once dry it's very satisfying to peel it off, like you do when your skin peels in the sun. You are however meant to wash it off.

After removing, your skin will be left looking flushed. It's not an aggressive, overly sensitive flushed but more of a "I've just ran 10k and sprinted the last 30 seconds of it" kind of flush.
 It's like you have just had oxygen injected into your skin. It feels renewed, plumped, fresh and just generally youthful and gorgeous.
 It's an absolute winner for blemish prone or dull skin. Totally suitable for all skin types but if you are very sensitive then it may be a little too stimulating.
 When using I would advise applying it before bed time or when you don't need to leave the house for a few hours. It does leave the skin flushed for a good hour after.

It's paraben free, fragrance free, sulfate free and cruelty free.

  It's $75.00 which is around £52.00 so very expensive but the results are instant and very obvious.




  1. How long would you say this would last? With products like this most directions say to use once a week, do you think this would last very long if used regularly. Love your reviews.

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. I would say once a week would be good to see consistent results.x

  3. Cinnamon oil is a severe skin irritant that can cause burning and allergic reactions. Be really careful.


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