Thursday, 21 April 2016

Illamasqua Metamorph collection

The latest collection from Illamasqua celebrates the changes in nature as we emerge from winter into the warmer months (at least in the northern hemisphere).
 A capsule collection which softly enhances the face naturally without any fuss.

Vital palette combines four matte eye shadow shades in a fab selection of natural contour shades. The matte finish means it will blend with the natural contours of the eye without being obvious. Suitable for all skin tones but works particularly well on mid to deeper skin tones. The peach highlighter looks great on a darker skin tone.

Powder texture blends out easily and can be layered for depth. No fall out and shades last really well on the skin. The vital palette is £34.00.

For the skin they have launched two baked highlight powders to add a warm glow. We have the shade in Epic which is a bronze gold. It reflects like gold leaf on the skin.
 Takes a little more building up than I expected to achieve a strong highlight. 

For a stronger glow use a damp brush. It intensifies the finish and gives more of a metallic edge. Beyond powders are £32.00.

There are two very delicate nail veils in the collection. They are pretty much transparent but give your nail a tint of either pink or peach resulting in a healthy looking nail bed. You know how your nails look after spending 2 weeks on holiday in the sunshine, this is what they create. They are £14.50 each.

This collection is available from today here.


  1. Those powders look amazing not to sure how i feel about the eyeshadow palette though it doesnt look very illamasqua not to mention it doesnt look very pigmented either

  2. Love the look of the highlight powder, these and the nail polishes are my favourite from this collection x

    Zoe Mountford x

  3. I've never tried a ton from Illamasqua but that highlighter is to die for!


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