Friday, 4 March 2016

Sun Stripping

 We have just heard about another technique which has been getting some attention in the media. Last week we blogged about Chroming and after discussing this trend here in the Pixiwoo office we then read about another technique called Sun Stripping.
 It's not getting your kit off on the beach but it's about how you use your bronzer. 
 Basically Sun Stripping is where you apply your bronzer to the areas of the face which would naturally tan if you were out in the applying bronzer exactly how it's meant to be applied!!

Don't get us wrong, this technique is great because it draws attention to the fact that bronzer is best used when dusted lightly over the higher parts of your face rather than using it as a contour.
 Bronzer's are usually warm toned and can make a contour look way too orange, the best contour shades are cooler or ashy toned products because they mimic a natural shadow. 

To get the Sun Stripping technique right you need to apply a light dusting of bronzing powder over the bridge of your nose and the adjacent cheek area.  Why not compliment this look by dotting on a few freckles using your brow pencil or taupe eye pencil.
 Using your bronzer at the edges of the forehead and over the collar bones will also compliment the look.
 If you feel it looks a little muddy over the center of your face then use a foundation brush which has the remnants of your foundation on it and give it a little buff over to blend and tone down.

Check out Nic doing this back in 2012....


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