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Simple Human Mirrors

We recently saw these mirrors online and immediately had to get our hands on them to review.
 Simple Human mirrors are THE most amazing magnifying mirrors and there are various styles depending on your needs.

 The mini sensor mirror is probably our favourite mirror. It has a x10 magnification and is completely portable.
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The base and the mirror fold inwards allowing the mirror to fold away into a zipped protective travel case. 

It charges with a standard USB cable (one included) and the charge lasts up to 5 weeks.

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I have taken the images from the Simple Human website as it's virtually impossible to take a good photograph of a mirror!!

 The mirror has a strip around the edge which lights up via a sensor. The light bulbs are tru-lux lights which simulate natural sunlight. These bulbs are rated to last for 40'000 hours (that's an hour a day for 100 years!).
 Be warned..the magnifying quality is so amazing that you notice every single flaw or hair on your face. Great for applying detailed makeup or while tweezing. Not great if you are a big skin picker, you will literally destroy your skin by picking at it!
 Perfect if your eye sight is poor or if you normally apply your makeup in dim lighting. Amazing for travelling with as hotel lighting is often so rubbish.
 The light is on a sensor so will automatically light up as you look into it. It will switch off after you have moved away from it. The mirror head is also rotational so you can angle it to where you need it to be.
 None of these mirrors are cheap, as you would expect from such quality. This mirror is £99.00. It also comes in x1, x5 and x7 maginification if the x10 is a little too strong for you.

If you prefer something a little more stationary for your dressing table then they also have a large wide view mirror. This is a x1 magnification and works with the same sensor technology and lighting as the portable mirror.

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This mirror has two lighting strips which run down either side of the central mirror. The angle of the mirror allows you to view all sides of your face at any angle.

 The USP for this mirror is that it is app enabled. By downloading the Simple Human app you can mimic the lighting of your favourite restaurant or bar and then use the app to adjust the lighting of your mirror.
 When you are next in your chosen restaurant take a photograph of your face. The lighting balance will be saved to the app and then once you are home you can link to your mirror and it will dim or brighten to the same lighting. Next time you are visiting the restaurant you can apply your makeup safe in the knowledge that it will look fab in the lighting there!! How amazing is that!
 This mirror even has an alarm system so it will gently flash on and off to warn you that you need to put down the liquid liner and get a move on before you're late for work!!
 The wide view sensor mirror is £299.99.

Check out the range of Simple Human mirrors here.



  1. Wow them mirrors sound amazing!

  2. Bwoi. Sounds so good but so expensive mirrors.

  3. I got this mirror for Christmas and am so glad, the magnification is scary but has improved my makeup application for sure!

  4. oooooo I've been looking for these LED mirrors for so long, its simple and classic at the same time.

  5. Adjusting the mirror lighting to mimic the place you're going to so you can do your makeup accordingly... now that's another level! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  6. Wow! Amazing mirrors!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  7. I have one and I have to say I love it and it's the best for brow shaping, wing eyeliner, and anytime you just need a great mirror with a light! Love the motion sensor on it as well. Hefty price tag, but I've had mine for 3 years now.

  8. What a great invention, my mirror always gets in the way and so dirty!

    Meme xx

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