Friday, 18 March 2016

REN Flash Defence Mist

Our skin is exposed to environmental aggressors daily. Pollution, fumes, smoke all cling to the skin causing it to appear dull.
 As soon as we get on the train after a long day in London we instantly grab a pack of face wipes to get the grime off of our skin. It's totally gross how much dirt can be removed.
 If this is something you experience or if you live in a city and fancy a bit of extra skin protection then check out this latest spritz from REN. 

 It's a defence mist which can be spritzed onto bare skin or on top of your makeup. It provides an invisible protective layer over the skin surface whilst strengthening the skins natural defence. There is no SPF in this so you still need to consider that but it will prevent the urban grime from settling onto the skin and prohibit the grey tone settling into your skin.

What's in it?

Water based spray with the following extracts..
  • Undaria Pinntifida-Japanese seaweed which is anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating.
  •  Biosaccharide Gum-Soothing ingredient which binds water to the skin creating a moisture film on the skin.
  • Japonica Flower Extract-anti irritant.
  •  Alfa-Glucan-yeast bio-fermentation which detoxifies and promotes cell longevity.

What do we think?

A really lovely finishing spray for the skin. Smells clean and fresh and instantly revives the skin. Lovely to spritz over before makeup application or to use on the face at midday to pep up a drying or caked base.
 I like any product which benefits both the look of my makeup and the health of my skin. Doesn't feel heavy or tacky and doesn't affect how your skin photographs (no flashback).
 The 60ml size makes it a great travel friendly product. Pop it into your hand luggage or handbag and spritz over to soothe a stressed skin and lift the grey away.
 Suitable for all skin, even sensitive. This 60ml spray is £24 and available from April, here.



  1. I love REN products and really want to start using more of them! This sounds amazing, when I was working in London I was horrified at hoe dirty my face was by the end of the day - I think this is going to prove very popular.

    Steph -

  2. I'm a bit sceptical with anti-pollution products after trying the new Laneige one (korean brand). I put it to the test and it was like a magnet for dirt instead of a repellent!


  3. I love REN products, but this seems a bit of a gimmick. The one minute flash rinse facial is amazing though

  4. Well this is a new one to me, but pollution is always going to be there so I would rather not pay £24 for a spray.

    Meme xx
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  5. Anti-pollution spray sounds interesting. Pollution is always a problem, so good to know that there are products that would protect the skin.

    Ela BellaWorld


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