Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Lancome Juicy Shaker

These little cocktail shakers for the lips are the 2016 rival to the beloved Juicy tube.

From L: Walk the lime, Mangoes wild, Cherry Symphony

 The bottom half of the shaker holds a bi-phase oil which blends cranberry oil, sweet almond oil and omega 3 along with soft colour pigments.

 The applicator is a little different to anything we have used before and initially we thought it was quite odd.
 It's a chunky tapered sponge which is soft and flexible. 

After shaking the liquid to mix the oils the colour saturates through the sponge and applies in a smooth oily balm. The pigments are very sheer and delicately colour the lips rather than coating them in a strong colour. Because the colour it provides is a tint, the sponge applicator works really well. If the shades were too strong it would be hard to apply with precision. The sponge gives a diffused wash of colour.
 We have three shades which look very vibrant in the shaker but translate onto the lip much more softly.

L: Walk the lime, Mangoes wild, Cherry symphony

  They give a cushioned, plump effect to the lip in a delicious juicy shade, however Nic found that after a few hours wear they dried her lips out. They feel more comfortable with a regular top up. There are 14 shades available and they are available now for £18.00 here.


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