Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Eyeko Bespoke mascara

We all know what we want from our mascara. We have a preferred wand type and know by looking at the texture of the product if we are going to like it or not.
 When we heard about Eyeko's new bespoke mascara service we thought it was a fab idea. It's not something you can purchase online unfortunately but if you are local to or visiting Selfridges London, Harvey Nichols London or Saks New York then then get yourself an appointment to have a mascara custom made to you.

 During your appointment your consultant will talk through your choices and test out different styles of wand on you.
 There are various formulas to choose from depending on your needs and your consultant will talk you through the benefits of each.

 Once you have decided on the wand and formula they will create the mascara for you there and package it in a beautiful mirrored box which is monogrammed with your initials and stamped closed with a wax seal. There is also a silver lash guard and comb in the box.

 Here are our bespoke mascaras....


Creamy rich formula in deepest black. Softly curved brush with a tapered tip. Bristles are well separated to add definition and the slim end allows easy application to the lower lashes.



Buildable creamy formula. Thick spiky brush to grab all of the lashes. Fatter barrel to enhance volume and curl. (Let's pretend the 'S' is the correct way up #OCD)



Jet black, not too gloopy but buildable. Softly arched brush to enable root volume with tons of soft bristles to boost volume and give a soft lash look.

 If this sounds like something you'd enjoy then book an appointment here. This service is £30.00.



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