Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Colour me Foundation applicator

Korea has done it again and bought something to our attention which they have been doing for ages (remember when we thought BB/CC creams were innovative and Korea had been doing it forever)
 I give you.....The sonic makeup applicator.

The metal cap fits over the sponge to protect it when not in use. The three air holes allow the sponge to breathe.

  This 3 inch long plastic applicator is basically a vibrating sponge.
 The teardrop shaped contraption holds an oval shaped soft sponge which is suitable for use with a liquid foundation. There is also a velour finish sponge included in the kit which is best used with a powder foundation.

 The battery is included and it's one of those small round lithium ones (around £2.00 if you need to replace).
 When you depress the button the sponge head begins to vibrate. It vibrates at 15'000 pulses per minute so pretty fast, you can't even really notice it's moving until you hold it onto your skin.

 How do you use it?

 Apply your liquid foundation directly to the sponge. If you are using a powder foundation then swipe the sponge over the powder.
 Lightly hold the sponge onto the skin, starting towards the center of the face and switch on the applicator.
 Once switched on, sweep the applicator in small circular movements over the face.

What do we think? 

To be honest I don't really think it does anything that a buffing brush can't do. It does give a lovely buffed and blended finish but would you be able to tell the difference from a brush applied foundation? No I don't think so. It feels lovely and soft on the skin although the vibration feels a little tickly over the nose and sinus area.
 It claims to blur fine lines and pores but that comes down to the type of foundation you are using really but it does help give you soft focus finish though.
 I think the main benefit is that it makes it impossible not to blend your foundation well. Sometimes with a brush you can quickly buff over a bit of foundation but with this applicator you are forced to take your time and ensure all product is really worked into the skin.
 It's quite a luxurious way to apply your foundation and if you generally use a sponge anyway then you may enjoy using this.

 The two style sponges I mentioned are included in the kit but you will need to replace these after around 1-2 weeks if you are using them every day.
 The applicator and two sponges costs £58.00 and if you need to buy additional sponges then they are £10 for a set of two sponges.

The problem with having to purchase additional sponges is not only that it costs you more money but I think most people who would use this every day won't be bothered to re purchase sponges every two weeks. I know I certainly would be put off buying sponges and would end up re using grubby sponges which is obviously not great for the skin. Maybe not everyone is as lazy as us though!

 If this is something which interests you then you can check it out here.





  1. I have seen these on Instagram and they look really strange, I would love to have a go x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. I would love to try this brush !

  3. Never heard of this before! It's intriguing but I don't think I could be tempted to try it unless it massively improved the finish of my foundation. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

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