Monday, 8 February 2016

YSL Fusion Ink blush

Fusion Ink blush is a new launch as part of the Boho Stones collection (launched in January).
 Tubes of gel blusher which are squeezed through a plastic applicator similar to a lip gloss.
 The gel texture feels cool, fluid and as light as a feather on the skin. 
 Looks like a lip gloss as you squeeze it onto the skin but smoothes out into a sheer tint which dries off to a matte texture and finish. 
 The shades look very vibrant in the tube but translate to a fresh, very natural tint on the skin. They need to be applied and blended immediately otherwise they tend to stain the skin and leave a patchy finish.
 The sheer wash is very blendable. Apply, blend and then re-apply for a stronger finish.
 Performs well on all skin types but is especially effective on a combination to oily skin due to the matte finish.
 Each shade leaves the skin looking naturally flushed. Great for people who wear no foundation or a very sheer foundation but still need a little colour on the cheeks. 
 Best used before any powder application as it may cause your powder to streak during application. If you wear a full cover foundation you may find the gel texture of this blush will move your base a little.

Available in four shades. We have two to show you.....

Fusion Ink blush is available here for £35.00


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  2. Oh wow! Look at those shades. Very very flattering and very very temtping

  3. I'm slightly undecided on this particular product. I guess the thought of putting something quite wet and glossy onto my face is kind of putting me off but you shouldn't bash something until you try it :) X


  4. These look so cool! I hate bright colors but glad to see these sheer out to more of a tint

  5. I love the look of edge berry

    Lauren x |

  6. It looks nice! Love this blush!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

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  8. Made for an interesting read!


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