Friday, 12 February 2016

Elemis Spa light Candle

A blog post never does a candle justice, maybe one day we will have smell-o-vision and then you can all experience the scent with us.

You know when you visit your local beauty salon or spa they seem to have this aroma which instantly calms and relaxes, well this candle is reminiscent of that.

The 230g candle is presented in a weighty silver glass holder. The single wick has around 40 hours burn time.

 Now for the scent....

 It has a vanilla base along with orange and cinnamon, it's the cinnamon which is most apparent but not in an overbearingly festive way.

 It smells warm, relaxing and slightly sweet. Beautiful to burn on a cold winters night whilst relaxing in the bath or to add a spicy aroma this Valentines weekend
 Once you have burnt this candle the holder makes a beautiful plant pot, i'm putting a cactus in mine!!

 This candle is £25.00 and available here.


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  2. I didnt know that Elemis did candles! thats so cool i bet this one smells amazing too


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