Thursday, 25 February 2016


MAC Tanarama

 So we know it's been Fashion week when a new trend hits and this year it's Chroming. If you can remember just a few short months ago we were all talking about Strobing. If this one passed you by then read about the strobing technique here.
 Chroming is basically the same technique as Strobing, it's applying highlighter to the points of the face where you want to illuminate however it's using a different medium than the standard highlighter.
 Instead of using cream, liquid or powder highlights you use a metallic finish lipstick.
Dot and blend your metallic lipstick on the cheekbones, brow bone or wherever else you fancy a shimmer.
 Now call me a cynic but is this MAC (and other brands) way of shifting all the duff colours that hardly anyone purchases. You know those yellow frosted lipsticks that you might wear for a laugh or to an 80's party. MAC Gel and Tanarama lipsticks i'm looking at you!
 I feel like they did a global stocktake and thought we have 50 million beige frosted lipsticks which are about to go out of date, lets stick them on the cheekbones and call it chroming.
 Anyway regardless of us being all pessimistic about it, it's not really a bad trend. It saves buying multiple products, saves room in your makeup bag and it does actually look pretty. 
 It's super easy to do and photographs nicely but if you have long hair on your face or are venturing out in the wind then you may end up with half your hair and leaves etc stuck to your cheeks..maybe this will then become next years trend!!
 If you're short of time or on a budget then dig out all your old metallic lipsticks you purchased without trying first and whack them on your cheekbones. After all makeup is about having fun so lets give it a go.


  1. I agree with you, it does seem a little bit ridiculous! Great for fashion week and runway, not so practical for real life

  2. loved the sass in this post!!

  3. Funny story, I bought a bunch of MAC makeup from a girl some months ago and in the box was also the Tanarama lipstick. I tried it on and immediately knew why she hadn't used it (how could that look flattering on ANYONE?) anyways, I'm a student without a lot of money so I wanted to use it for something - so I tried it on as a highlight on my cheekbones and cupid's bow. I've been using it nearly daily ever since - it actually looks beautiful, and I don't find it sticky at all. It's not obviously shimmering or anything, it just really catches the light around you. I was really surprised to see this blog post ha ha! I guess I've been Chroming before it was a thing... xo

    1. I love this story! You started the trend!

      As for chroming, I guess if I had a suitable lipstick lying around I might give it a go, but as I don't, I think I'll stick to strobing! x

      Kate Louise Blogs

  4. Laughed out loud at this. Visions of me trotting around York with curly mutton chops stuck to my lipstick-cheeks! I'll stick to powders for trips out!

  5. omg I actually already used a pale glittery lipstick as highlighter, works just fine if you blend it out well enough. But I totally agree that MAC probably is trying to get rid of the shades nobody wants.

  6. Love this post! Made me laugh- it seems about right though, any excuse to make us spend a bit more cash!
    abi x
    a little dust

  7. OMG!!! I am definitely looking at you--Gel and Plastique. I went through many tubes of Gel. I am in a lipstick rut and already sick of the matte nude liquid lipsticks. So much so, that I was thinking of giving my friends the nudes that I bought a few weeks ago As I am older the nudes and mattes look terrible on me. I can't wait for spring pinks and peaches!
    Also, chroming is totally a marketing ploy; just like strobing is another word for highlighting.
    Thanks, for keeping it real!


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