Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Anastasia Brow Definer

Brow queen Anastasia Soare has developed a retractable brow definer which holds a sharply angled brow pencil in one end and a spooley brush in the other end.

The twist up nib of the pencil is triangular shaped which enables you to create a variety of stroke sizes.

The widest section of the tip creates broader strokes and is useful if you have a larger area of brow to fill in. The tip is much finer and enables a a slim hair-like stroke.

The spooley end is a firm brush with well spaced bristles to separate the hairs and soften the finish of the product.

The texture of the product is very hard and takes a little pressure to build up the colour. This is good for longevity due to the need to layer the product to get any kind of coverage but it also means that you get through this product very quickly and also that the point of the tip becomes quite flat after a few applications.
 There is around an inch of product to twist up. Disappointingly  one of the shades in Taupe (the best shade for us) didin't twist up anymore after one use so that went into the bin! All the other shades have been fine though so it may just be a one off fault.

 Available in 10 shades...

 Colour choice is good with a nice selection of ashy and warm tones. Nice to see a granite in the mix too for those with a greyer hair.

All of the shades are available for £16.00 from Beauty Bay.


  1. So... Would you recommend this product? Thank you

  2. I have been using the MUFE Brow Pen which has just been released and it is very similar to this one but you also get a highlighter aswel as the spooley and crayon.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  3. I just got this in Medium Brown from Sephora and LOVE IT. It was expensive though so I'm trying to get better at using the pomade as that is cheaper and lasts longer!
    JH | www.hellojenniferhelen.com

  4. Definitely want to try out this product.. I absolutely love the ABH dip brow pomade so I'm sure I'll love this just as much! xx

    Ciara Rose | www.ciara-rose.com

  5. I LOVE this product!! To be fair I have the whole Anastasia Beverly Hills brow collection, so I'm a huge fan already, when I saw this however, I was a little dubious as whether to buy. I bought the Tom Ford version ages ago, and was incredibly disappointed in the quality of the actual nib. But ABH has outdone herself once again, I have the Auburn and the Blonde and I can tell you now, best purchase I have ever made! My brows be looking good!

  6. I still need to try ABH products, I'm late on the bandwagon I know!


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  8. Has anyone tried this? Is it better than the Dip Brow? Love ABH! X


    1. Hey :)
      I've tried this brow definer and really am not a fan of it. As written above it's really hard so you have to go forever getting any product into the brows and I don't think the colour payoff is that amazing. Also, for the price, you really don't get much and it runs down quite quickly due to the need to be quite heavy when using it. For an ABH offering I think it's actually a bit disappointing.
      Dipbrow is much better for coverage and longevity (in my opinion) so I'd always personally choose that over the brow definer.



  9. I too think it is a bit too hard. The MUFE version is a lot softer, which makes it easier to use, but as a consequence it is not completely smudge proof. Tom Ford and Hourglass has similar products, but I have not gotten around to trying them out, since I can buy them online only where I live, and I would like to check it the colours before buying... :)


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