Friday, 15 January 2016

Rimmel The only 1 Lipstick

Rimmel are claiming big things about their recent lipstick launch. The only 1 lipstick claims to do the lot. A comfortable long lasting lipstick in a moisturising texture.

The packaging is patent black with a pointed lid. I quite like the different shaped lid, it means when I'm rummaging around in my handbag for it I can identify it among the twenty other ones I have rolling around in there.


The casing also has a coloured strip to give you a glimpse of the shade within.

15 shades in the collection, 9 of which we have to show you.
 Colour pay-off is seriously bold. For a £6.99 lipstick the pigments in these pack a punch. Vibrant, true to how they look in the packaging and comfortably creamy.
 Glides on winter ravaged dry skin without clinging and leaves lips hydrated with a glossy finish. Doesn't have a tacky gloss finish but a silky balm feel.

Gorgeous colours, not really any natural nude shades, go bold or go home!

These are £6.99 and are available now..



  1. 620 and 300 look fab for livening up a makeup look!

    Steph -

  2. How did the color stay though? I hate having to continually reapply while at work.

  3. 700 and 200 are my favourites shades! Will definitely be having a look at them

    Sophie x

  4. 700 and 200 could potentially look neutral on olive/tanned skinned girls and boys!

  5. I have shades 700 and 200 (I'm a MLBB lip fan) and love how moisturizing these are!

  6. 700 & 200 have my vote. Hope they are launching in Czech republuc as well.. Thx for the article and swatches..

  7. such beautiful shades!
    check out my blog:

  8. I absolutely agree about the pointed lid. It really makes easy to find, especially with the Rimmel "stamp" on the top.

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  10. I like 620. I think it could look nice on a brunette (which I am)

    Mika |

  11. I have (so far) 3 amazing colours: 510, a gorgeous shiny red, 810, a shiny deep plum and 200, my favourite nude, which hasn't left my bag the last two weeks - it goes really well with Rimmel's East End Snob lipliner. Love them! Maybe I should get more colours! :) xx
    Charmed by Makeup

  12. Rimmel is my favourite lipstick brand, I think most of my lippys are by Rimmel, they do amazing colours, will need to pick some of these up!

    Meme x

  13. Beautiful colors!! Love all these lipsticks!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  14. They're gorgeous! Since I tend to have dry lips, these work amazing for me, and I don't even need to apply chapstick before applying lipstick on :)

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