Thursday, 21 January 2016

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow

We prefer to use hard wax brow products because they last much longer on the skin. They take a little getting used to as you have to press firmly to achieve any sort of colour payoff.
  Available in 5 shades(we have three to show you), it will sculpt, shape and define the brows with it's unique 3 part system.

Angled to a sharp point so that you can accurately feather in streaks of colour exactly where you want them.
 Our only concern with this style of application is that the point becomes flatter over time. I guess you could shape it again by swiping it over a pencil sharpener blade.

 The middle section twists open to reveal a firm sponge which is coated in a matte highlighting powder (the powder is in the other end of the wand). 

 The powder is very natural and will gently highlight the brow shape you have created. It is totally matte and has a vanilla tone rather than pure white (which would be horrid).
 The tip of the product has a spooley style wand to brush through the brow hairs and soften the colour.
 After applying the colour, dust the highlighter under the brow and then softly shape with the brush to blend the product in with the natural hair. 

The shades we tested are great ashy ones and don't have too much red pigment in them which is great.

  Due to the hard wax texture these last amazingly well on the skin and blend in for a 'real hair' finish.

Available now for £18.00 at Debenhams.


  1. Oo these sound like something I need try. I'm all about the brow after all :) X


  2. Deffo want to give this a try! Love trying new brow products and always trust your reviews!!

  3. Oo these sound like something I need try!

  4. I hardly ever touch my brows, but I know MUFE is releasing a lot of new sculpting products that I'm excited for!

  5. These look great! Always on the look out for new brow products. There's nowhere that sells Make Up Forever near me though, I can't test it out xo

  6. Great look! Lovely shades!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  7. Hello love! it would be nice if we follow each other and support each other. Let me know when you do and i'll return.

  8. I love those shades! Need Sephora in my town! Or room :D

  9. These sound like something I need to try! I love making my brows more defined but also want them to look natural x


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