Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Chanel Les Bieges Healthy Glow Foundation

We have a mixed opinion here at Pixiwoo on the latest foundation launch from Chanel.
 The new liquid foundation arrives nationwide from the 15th January 2016. It's a light to medium coverage which reflects a very natural radiance.
 It's not a shimmery glow but more of a healthy satin finish.
 Sam has a dry skin so was keen to try this foundation out. When a product is described as glowing we tend to assume it will be a very moisturising texture. This foundation actually doesn't feel hydrating and is quickly absorbed. If your skin is dry you may find that this doesn't provide your skin with enough moisture. It does however even the skin and provide a very natural glow.
 However if your skin is combination to oily then it's a winner. A lot of brands assume that if you have an oily skin then you only ever want a matte finish to your skin...wrong. An oily skin can totally wear a radiant foundation, it just needs to have a texture which won't feel greasy on the skin. This foundation does this perfectly. It absorbs to a matte feel to touch but looks fresh and glowing on the skin. It doesn't feel uncomfortable and lasts really well with no pooling in the T-zone.

Sam used Les Bieges in her recent tutorial here...

Available in nine shades in the typical Chanel shades.
 We have four of the shades swatched for you...

Does also contain SPF25 but doesn't flash back. Coming into wedding season this would be a great bridal foundation on a combination to oily skin.
 The scent in this foundation is amazing, we think it smells like freshly washed hair!

Available from 16th January for £36.00



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  2. People on Y!A have said that it's just a rip-off and nothing but regular water in a spray bottle, but it seems to be getting good reviews on Sephora. It says that you can use it to set makeup and some reviewers have said that it gives their skin a soft glow. So, is it sort of like a liquid version of bareMinerals's Mineral Veil?
    Royal Canadian mineral water spray review

  3. This sounds great, I have oily skin and used to always stick to matte foundations. P.S. I've just reviewed a foundation over on my blog too! x


  4. This sounds fab - totally agree that just because you don't have dry skin you still want to look moisturised and radiant sometimes!

  5. Just recently purchased my first Chanel foundation VITALUMIÈRE AQUA and I love it.
    This one sounds great, too.


  6. looks like a gorgeous foundation, and wonderful to hear that a brand has a glow-y foundation suitable for an oilier skin type!
    Jess www.beautifulbreakable.com

  7. I've heard mixed things so I think I'll pass... I'm waiting for Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation to come to the US!


  8. Love this foundation!! Gorgeous look!!
    Kisses and hugs from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}


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