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Chanel L.A Sunrise

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 The L.A sunrise collection from Chanel provides us with a much needed splash of vibrant colour.
 The sunkiss ribbon blush is almost too gorgeous to use. Strips of colour in warm pinks and coral.
 Sweep a brush over the pan to pick up a mix of tones or use a small blush brush to pick out the desired shade.

The finish is a radiant glow and the pigment is strong, it's the patch of tangerine in the corner which dominates when a brush is swept all over the compact and applied. This palette is £44.00 but it does have multiple uses.

The Chanel Illusion D'Ombre are always a winner for us. We have one of the shades in Griffith green.


I expected this to be a deeper forest green but it's more of a peacock green. It has a metallic finish infused with a gold shimmer.


  Beautiful blended over the eye on it's own or used as a base. Blends well but dries quickly so work fast. It lasts really well on the skin so makes a great choice for those with an oily eye lid.
 There are two other shades in the illusion D'Ombre in a rosy beige and deep ocean blue. These are £25.00 each. 

Waterproof liners are an essential piece for Spring/Summer. There are three shades which compliment the Illusion D'ombre. We have two in purple choc and fervent blue.

Purple choc is almost black but infused with a lavender and fuchsia shimmer. the shade in fervent blue is a bright cornflower blue with silver and blue shimmer. These need to be layered to achieve a good solid colour. Because of the layering the liner does wear down pretty quickly. These are £19.00 each.

 The lipsticks in the collection are from the coco shine collection. They provide a juicy slick of sheer colour in a moisturising sheen.
 Three shades to choose from but we have just the one in 116 Mighty which is a blue tones baby pink. The lipsticks are £25.00 each.


This collection is available from this Friday 29th January from all of your usual Chanel locations and online.



  1. One day I will own multiple Chanel products! That blush is stunning

  2. Beautiful shades!! Love this post!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  3. such a great products, i should try!

  4. such a great products, i should try!

  5. I love the liner shades. It's Gorgeous!

  6. These shades look shimmery and perfect.

  7. That blush and lipstick ... so pretty. Chanel's limited edition pieces are always so so pretty ...

  8. I'll take it all! I love the waterproof liners!x

  9. I swatched the blush in store and it's gorgeous but so pricy!


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