Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Bobbi Brown Eye opening mascara

There hasn't been a mascara launch in ages where we have particularly loved the brush. Lately they all seem to be slim plastic wands with sharp teeth, you can't beat a good old bushy brush with tons of soft bristles.
 The new Eye opening mascara from Bobbi Brown is the brush of dreams. Chunky but not ridiculously large. Tons of bristles but in an even spaced pattern. Extremely volumising, dramatically lifting with a rich creamy formula that still separates the lashes.
 The tapered point allows you to use it on it's tip to apply mascara to the bottom lashes.
 The formula coats the lashes in a glossy jet black pigment which is buildable. 
 Doesn't transfer or flake and maintains it's lifted shape throughout the day.
 It's not waterproof so it's easy to remove with your standard eye makeup remover.
 Available now nationwide for £


  1. Yes re brushes! I am so done with plastic spiky moulded ones. They just don't cut it. (Might have to try this one out, it sounds good).

  2. I love Bobbi Brown mascara's in general.

  3. I am a Presenter for Younique which is just now starting to pick up in the UK and it is amazing! If your interested in knowing more or want to check it out in general it is our Moodstruck 3D fiber lashes. I attached a link to my business page if your interested, you can also contact me on that site for other questions or to try it for yourself.

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  5. Love this bobbi brown mascara!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. Lovely post!

  7. I live Bobbi Brown mascaras and this one looks so lovely.

  8. So this new brush was a real eye opener wasn't it?

    Ok, I'll strop the lame jokes...

    Mika |


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