Friday, 29 January 2016

Clinique Kiss it better appeal

For the twelfth year running Clinique has teamed up with Great Ormond Street Hospital for their Kiss it better appeal.
 Kiss it better was created by beauty editor Carmel Allen whose daughter was treated at GOSH for neuroblastoma.
 Kiss it better is something that every parent will say to their sick or injured children and Carmel wanted to turn her experience with her daughter into a positive and create an appeal which can help to raise funds for treatment and care for children living with cancer.

 Clinique are launching a limited edition long lasting matte lipstick in two of their best selling shades of matte magenta and matte petal. The full £15 from every lipstick purchased throughout February at House of Fraser, UK will be donated to the Kiss it better appeal. In addition, if you purchase two lipsticks you will receive a makeup bag in a unique matching design. £2 from every lip product sold from Clinique at House of Fraser during February will also be donated to the appeal.

Head to House of Fraser this February to stock up on your lip products and to purchase these two limited edition lipsticks.
 To read more about the appeal click here


Thursday, 28 January 2016

Kiko Best friend forever

 Valentines day is not everyone's cup of tea but you can't deny that any collection which comes in a heart shape is pretty damn cute.
 Kiko's Best friend forever collection is dedicated to friendship however I think this is a sneaky way to target people who don't particularly like Valentines or for those who feel sorry for their single friend during this time!

 The love elixir face powder is presented in a red and pink leather case with magnetic clasp.

 Inside there is a mirror and large square of heart embossed powder.
 The powder is a warm toned bronzer which fades into a baby pink blush and finally an apricot blush. 

 A very sheer amount of pigment in this powder, you're going to need to really layer it up for any kind of impact. Best for a fair skin as it wouldn't really show up on any medium to deeper skin tone.
 A small application brush is included. The love elixer powder is £14.90.

Pink and red nail polish infused with fine glitter for the nails.These are £3.90 each.

 The lip products in the collection are the best pieces. Just one shade of lipstick  in silver packaging with a cut out window in a heart shape. The bullet of the lipstick is shaped as a heart. The lipstick is £5.90. There is also a lip balm in a metal heart shaped tin. Smells delicious but doesn't have any real colour to it, just provides a moisturising sheen. The balm is £4.90.

The Best friend forever collection is available here now for a limited time.


Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Chanel L.A Sunrise

Image courtesy of

 The L.A sunrise collection from Chanel provides us with a much needed splash of vibrant colour.
 The sunkiss ribbon blush is almost too gorgeous to use. Strips of colour in warm pinks and coral.
 Sweep a brush over the pan to pick up a mix of tones or use a small blush brush to pick out the desired shade.

The finish is a radiant glow and the pigment is strong, it's the patch of tangerine in the corner which dominates when a brush is swept all over the compact and applied. This palette is £44.00 but it does have multiple uses.

The Chanel Illusion D'Ombre are always a winner for us. We have one of the shades in Griffith green.


I expected this to be a deeper forest green but it's more of a peacock green. It has a metallic finish infused with a gold shimmer.


  Beautiful blended over the eye on it's own or used as a base. Blends well but dries quickly so work fast. It lasts really well on the skin so makes a great choice for those with an oily eye lid.
 There are two other shades in the illusion D'Ombre in a rosy beige and deep ocean blue. These are £25.00 each. 

Waterproof liners are an essential piece for Spring/Summer. There are three shades which compliment the Illusion D'ombre. We have two in purple choc and fervent blue.

Purple choc is almost black but infused with a lavender and fuchsia shimmer. the shade in fervent blue is a bright cornflower blue with silver and blue shimmer. These need to be layered to achieve a good solid colour. Because of the layering the liner does wear down pretty quickly. These are £19.00 each.

 The lipsticks in the collection are from the coco shine collection. They provide a juicy slick of sheer colour in a moisturising sheen.
 Three shades to choose from but we have just the one in 116 Mighty which is a blue tones baby pink. The lipsticks are £25.00 each.


This collection is available from this Friday 29th January from all of your usual Chanel locations and online.


Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Clinique Sweet pots sugar scrub + lip balm

Top: Candied Cassis, Pink Framboise, Sweet Rose, Orange Blossom, Black Honey.

 A guilt free macaroon...except you can't eat it. Clinique launched these lip scrub and balm duo back in December exclusively to Debenhams but have now rolled them out nationwide.

In one side there is a lip balm and the other side a gentle sugar scrub. Each side twists off of the centre panel (not very easily).
 The scrub is infused with beet sugar granules, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, avocado oil and grapeseed oil. To be honest this scrub is so gentle, you could probably mistakenly put it on instead of the balm and not realise, it's super gentle. Clinique recommend to tissue it off after but you could get away with leaving it on, you can hardly feel the grains.

The balm on the other half is great. Creamy, smooth and not sticky. The colours look so fresh and juicy but to be honest they don't translate the same on the lips, hardly any colour.

 A lovely lip balm that looks super cute but not for you if you like a gritty lip scrub or a pop of colour on the lips.

 Available now for £15.00 in six shades from Clinique nationwide and online. The shade in Citron Bleu is limited life.



Monday, 25 January 2016

Beauty brands you should know about

There are always new brands coming through but here are 14 you should definitely check out...


Thursday, 21 January 2016

Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Brow

We prefer to use hard wax brow products because they last much longer on the skin. They take a little getting used to as you have to press firmly to achieve any sort of colour payoff.
  Available in 5 shades(we have three to show you), it will sculpt, shape and define the brows with it's unique 3 part system.

Angled to a sharp point so that you can accurately feather in streaks of colour exactly where you want them.
 Our only concern with this style of application is that the point becomes flatter over time. I guess you could shape it again by swiping it over a pencil sharpener blade.

 The middle section twists open to reveal a firm sponge which is coated in a matte highlighting powder (the powder is in the other end of the wand). 

 The powder is very natural and will gently highlight the brow shape you have created. It is totally matte and has a vanilla tone rather than pure white (which would be horrid).
 The tip of the product has a spooley style wand to brush through the brow hairs and soften the colour.
 After applying the colour, dust the highlighter under the brow and then softly shape with the brush to blend the product in with the natural hair. 

The shades we tested are great ashy ones and don't have too much red pigment in them which is great.

  Due to the hard wax texture these last amazingly well on the skin and blend in for a 'real hair' finish.

Available now for £18.00 at Debenhams.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

YSL Touche éclat le teint foundation

Okay all you guys who can't be doing with the natural sheer veil foundations. For those who want a full cover flawless finish but don't want the cake then read on.
 The latest launch from YSL will give you a medium to full cover however if you use it with a loose fibre brush you can also achieve a light cover. It's a very workable, adaptable foundation depending on the tool you use to apply it with. YSL have launched a swanky new brush to apply it with but of course you don't have to use this to get a great finish.

Water based and pleasingly fluid (not too runny, not too thick)it blends in really easily and doesn't dry off too quick, allowing you to effectively buff it and move it around the face to where you need it.

Once blended it feels velvety matte to the touch but has a soft satin radiance. Not high shine or particularly illuminating..just a natural radiance.

Now for the science...
 It contains golden pigment spheres which add a warm radiance to the skin. These provide controlled radiance all day without looking oily.

Seems to work well on both oily and dry skins although if your skin is very dry then you may want a moisturising primer underneath to ensure it feels comfortable throughout the day.

Incredible 22 shades in this line up. We have five shades which are more suited to our skin tones but they do go lighter and darker also. Once applied to the skin the shades seem to appear lighter than they do in the bottle.

 The shades are categorised into families of colours.  Beige, golden beige and rosy beige. The shades we have all seemed to be quite apricot or peach tones which are particularly good for lifting a dull skin tone or concealing ashy dark circles.
 These were shades from the Biege rosy selection (thats's what the BR stands for).

This foundation is available from 1st February 2016 and will be £32.50.


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Dior Glowing Gardens

A lot of Dior packaging tends to be a bit samey but we are loving the new Spring collection Glowing Gardens.
 I'm not sure if it's the selection of colours or the cute floral pattern embossed in the palette and blush compact which is luring us in.

Dior's inspiration for this collection is a cliff side garden overlooking the sea filled with blossoming rosebuds, irises and orchids.
 There are two eye shadow palettes in this collection, each with 5 pans of colour.
 Each shade is embossed with a floral pattern and comes with two application brushes. The eye shadow palette is £43.50.

The palette we have in 451 Rose Garden contains a beautiful plum/charcoal and a soft taupe. The pale lemon and pistachio green are not as vibrant as you may expect. They give a sheer wash of highlighter which really lifts the skin tone around the eye and adds something a little different. Works well on all skin tones and the highlighters look beautiful on a darker skin tone. Softly radiant and easy to blend.

Also for the eyes there is a waterproof colour and contour stick. This is a duel ended product. One end is a shimmering cream eye shadow and the other is a cream liner in a complimentary colour. There are 5 shades to choose from. We have the shade in 157 Iris. This is a beautiful violet shot with baby pink and silver shimmer. The liner attached is a smoky navy. Once applied, this blends well but does set so don't hang about before you blend it. It's seriously long wearing and would be a great product to use for holidays or during the humid Summer months. The colour and contour is £25.50, pro liner is £20.00 and the addict mascara is £22.00.

157 Iris colour and Contour

The waterproof liner has a creamy application in a purple taupe. Creates a natural line which lasts really well. Makes a nice spring alternative to black.
 The mascara is in the same taupe shade with a platinum sheen. Probably wouldn't wear all of these together but individually as accent colours would be nice.
For the cheeks there is a beautiful coral pink with the same floral pattern and mini blush brush. Adds a soft fresh flush of pink to the cheeks. The blush compact is £32.50.

 Two highlighters in this collection in Glowing pink and Glowing nude.
 We have the glowing pink compact which provides a pink pearl highlight. Isn't it gorgeous!!! This highlighter is £40.00.

There are a ton of lip products for you to check out but we particularly like the glosses. A tropical pink and soft apricot. Great everyday colours for the spring/summer. The glosses are £26.50.

This collection is available from 20th January from all Dior locations and online.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Affordable foundations review

Nic's been on a shopping spree for the best affordable foundations. Which one is your favourite....


Friday, 15 January 2016

Rimmel The only 1 Lipstick

Rimmel are claiming big things about their recent lipstick launch. The only 1 lipstick claims to do the lot. A comfortable long lasting lipstick in a moisturising texture.

The packaging is patent black with a pointed lid. I quite like the different shaped lid, it means when I'm rummaging around in my handbag for it I can identify it among the twenty other ones I have rolling around in there.


The casing also has a coloured strip to give you a glimpse of the shade within.

15 shades in the collection, 9 of which we have to show you.
 Colour pay-off is seriously bold. For a £6.99 lipstick the pigments in these pack a punch. Vibrant, true to how they look in the packaging and comfortably creamy.
 Glides on winter ravaged dry skin without clinging and leaves lips hydrated with a glossy finish. Doesn't have a tacky gloss finish but a silky balm feel.

Gorgeous colours, not really any natural nude shades, go bold or go home!

These are £6.99 and are available now..


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

After the full on Christmas glam it's good to get back to basics. 
 January always see's the launch of "glowing" products. We are all looking for a little bit of radiance during the longest, coldest month.
 Anastasia Beverly Hills have launched two glow kits, one in cool tones and one in warm.
 Each kit consists of four large pans of highlighter inside a book style compact. The pans are magnetic so they can be taken out and switched once they run out.

The glow kit in Gleam are the cool tones highlighters.

  This palette would look great on a fair to medium skin tone.
The glow kit in That glow are warm toned highlighters.

This selection of highlighters would look great on a medium to dark skin tone.

Each shade feels soft and super easy to blend without any glitter or overly metallic finish. Build them up with a smaller firm brush for a strong highlight or use a large buffing brush for a sheer wash of radiance.
 Also nice to use as an eye shadow.

 These palettes are available now for $40 over at Check their site for shipping info and charges.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Bobbi Brown Eye opening mascara

There hasn't been a mascara launch in ages where we have particularly loved the brush. Lately they all seem to be slim plastic wands with sharp teeth, you can't beat a good old bushy brush with tons of soft bristles.
 The new Eye opening mascara from Bobbi Brown is the brush of dreams. Chunky but not ridiculously large. Tons of bristles but in an even spaced pattern. Extremely volumising, dramatically lifting with a rich creamy formula that still separates the lashes.
 The tapered point allows you to use it on it's tip to apply mascara to the bottom lashes.
 The formula coats the lashes in a glossy jet black pigment which is buildable. 
 Doesn't transfer or flake and maintains it's lifted shape throughout the day.
 It's not waterproof so it's easy to remove with your standard eye makeup remover.
 Available now nationwide for £

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Chanel Les Bieges Healthy Glow Foundation

We have a mixed opinion here at Pixiwoo on the latest foundation launch from Chanel.
 The new liquid foundation arrives nationwide from the 15th January 2016. It's a light to medium coverage which reflects a very natural radiance.
 It's not a shimmery glow but more of a healthy satin finish.
 Sam has a dry skin so was keen to try this foundation out. When a product is described as glowing we tend to assume it will be a very moisturising texture. This foundation actually doesn't feel hydrating and is quickly absorbed. If your skin is dry you may find that this doesn't provide your skin with enough moisture. It does however even the skin and provide a very natural glow.
 However if your skin is combination to oily then it's a winner. A lot of brands assume that if you have an oily skin then you only ever want a matte finish to your skin...wrong. An oily skin can totally wear a radiant foundation, it just needs to have a texture which won't feel greasy on the skin. This foundation does this perfectly. It absorbs to a matte feel to touch but looks fresh and glowing on the skin. It doesn't feel uncomfortable and lasts really well with no pooling in the T-zone.

Sam used Les Bieges in her recent tutorial here...

Available in nine shades in the typical Chanel shades.
 We have four of the shades swatched for you...

Does also contain SPF25 but doesn't flash back. Coming into wedding season this would be a great bridal foundation on a combination to oily skin.
 The scent in this foundation is amazing, we think it smells like freshly washed hair!

Available from 16th January for £36.00


Monday, 11 January 2016

Healthy glow makeup tutorial

We all need a bit of radiance during January (unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere!).
 Check out Sam's latest tutorial for an everyday glow....


Friday, 8 January 2016

Estée Lauder Little Black primer

 Woweee is this a great product. It's become my latest product addiction. 
 My lashes have been looking pretty pants in the last few months (this is Stacey at Pixiwoo). Maybe it's due to my recent pregnancy or just natural shedding, either way my lashes look thin, straight and non existent. Sam and Nic have both been using Lilash lash treatment( with fab results but I haven't had a chance to test one out yet.
 Jealous of their wonderfully long, thick lashes I went on the hunt for something to compete with. I could also use Lilash but I'm so rubbish at remembering to put it on so it's pointless. I also want instant results, who has the patience to wait hey?!

I'm also not really one for lash primers so I had completely over looked this product.
 I came across it in my makeup bag and decided to give it a go.
  Unlike most lash primers this is black rather than white. The brush is tiny and curved to fit the lash line with ease.
 The brush shape allowed me to get right to the roots and almost pick out individual lashes. It's great for catching those teeny lashes on the inner corner of the eye.
 The black pigment coats the lashes but unlike lots of other primers it doesn't leave them feeling spiky or brittle. My lashes look silky and separated. 
 The genius brush really helps to lift the lashes and set them into position. You could totally get away with wearing this on it's own for a super natural day look.

 I then applied my mascara on top (the new Bobbi Brown Eye opening mascara). 
 My lashes looked transformed. Curled, separated and actually visible rather than being poker straight. I can feel my lashes fluttering against my upper lid.
 If you want to waterproof your mascara you can also apply a second coat on top. This second layer also helps prevent transfer and flaking.
 If you are someone who finds that their mascara or liner transfers easily around the eye it could be that you are using too much concealer or cream product around the eyes.

Check out the results below...

Primer applied to my right eye. My left eye is bare.

Mascara applied on top of the primer.

This is a great product for lash lovers. I wouldn't be without it now.
 The little black primer is £20.00 and available from

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Drunk Elephant T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum

We have spoken about acid toners such as P50 by Biologique Recherche on the blog before( we were introduced to it by Caroline below for a recap....

I ran out of this a while back and haven't had a chance to purchase another so I was chuffed when Drunk Elephant sent us a serum to test out and I noticed it had a lot of similar ingredients.
 P50 is an exfoliating toner, amazing on a problematic or oily skin and although this product from Drunk Elephant is a serum, it has similar qualities.

It's a lightweight gel serum which feels refreshing and cooling on the skin. 
 There are a serious amount of acids packed within this serum which all work together to help resurface the skin, slough away dead skin cells and balance. Glycolic acid is the ingredient to resurface and smooth the skin. Good if you have uneven skin tone or pigmentation. Salicylic acid helps to treat blemishes, congested skin and acne. It clears away the dead skin cells which build up and block the pores, leading to breakouts. Lactic acid will assist in the resurfacing and citric acid will promote skin peeling to leave the skin fresh and renewed.
 Horse chestnut is another ingredient which is also in the cult P50 toner and it will stimulate the skin and leave it slightly tingling.
 Recommended for use during the evening, after cleansing but before your night treatment.
 I have been testing this out for a month and have loved using it. Can be used by all skin types however if you have a sensitive or dry skin then you may find it too drying. If you have a combination/oily  skin or suffer with breakouts or cystic acne then this is a skin saviour. If your skin is more on the dryer side of combination then only use it twice a week rather than every evening.
 My skin felt very tingly after using for the first few nights but by the end of the first week this sensation had subsided and my skin was tolerant of it. My skin feels soft, looks radiant and a hell of a lot brighter and even. It has balanced my skin out without drying or stripping. It's definitely a hero product for the dreary winter months to turn up the wattage on your skin tone.
 As you may have suspected already this serum doesn't come cheap and if you live out of the States it's tricky to get hold of. It's $90(around £61) and available here..
 Drunk Elephant are working towards availability throughout Europe and the UK this year (2016) so watch this space if it sounds like a treatment serum for you.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Questions to ask when cosmetic shopping

We worked as retail makeup artists for a lot of years and between us we have probably clocked up around 20 years of assisting customers with their makeup choices and purchases.
 We totally understand just how daunting it can be to walk onto a makeup counter. It's busy and loud and there is so much product to choose from that it is absolutely impossible to make a decision on what you need. 
 When we worked in retail there seemed to be less pressure than there is now. It used to be all about creativity and spending time with your customer, giving them confidence in their makeup choices and encouraging them to perhaps try something a little different. Quite often these days retail artists are bogged down with admin and are under pressure to hit their ever increasing targets. It's a real shame that their artistic licence has been taken slightly because this has had a knock on effect on the amount of time they are able to spend one to one.
 Likewise, speaking from a retail artists point of view, it can be really hard to point a customer in the right direction with products when they have zero idea of what they want. 
 We have devised a list of things to think about before entering a makeup counter and also some questions you can ask to get the most out of your shopping experience.

 You are reading this blog so there is a good chance that you watch You Tube tutorials or read about makeup products. Social media is perfect for getting ideas about which products you would like to try and can help you narrow down exactly what it is that you want to shop for..awesome you're half way there. What you have to remember is that not all the products you view online will work for you but if you have seen something you quite like then write the name of the product down and head to a counter for advise. We say write it down because there were so many times we had customers trying to explain a product or colour without knowing the name. When you have around 30 brown eye shadows to choose from it makes it much easier to have a name.
 Foundations are the hardest product to choose. If you walk onto a counter and ask for a new foundation you will be immediately asked a string of questions which as a customer may seem intrusive or annoying but most brands have at least 3 types of foundation so it's important to narrow the selection first before deciding on the colour.
 Here are some typical questions you will be asked...

Foundation shopping

What coverage would you like?
This means how heavy do you want your foundation to be. A tinted moisturiser/BB Cream will be the most natural and will only naturally even out the skin. A light coverage will even the skin out and help to blur out dark circles. A medium cover will do all of this but also cover redness, pigmentation and blemishes. A full cover is for people who want a serious amount of coverage.

What is your skin type?
Important for the retail artist to know because if your skin is oily then they will advise a foundation that won't shift over your oily patches. If your skin is dry then they will show you a moisturising foundation. 

How do you want your skin to look?
 Obviously we all want our skin to look perfect but you may be someone who wants a light cover but just needs blemishes concealing. In this case you would be advised on a light cover foundation but recommended a separate concealer.
 Also, just because your skin is oily doesn't necessarily mean you want a matte skin, you may want a matte foundation to combat the oil but also want some radiance. In this case the artist will advise a foundation and maybe a highlighter to use on the high points of the face. 

Do you have any ingredient sensitivity?
 Important to know so that you can be advised on making product choices that are not going to irritate or inflame your skin. Every brand will know what ingredients their products contain so it's no drama for them to quickly check for you.

What type of finish do you like?
Do you want matte or satin, radiant or natural. If you are not sure on the finish you prefer then take in a picture of some one whose skin you want to replicate. The retail artist can then inform you on the finish of their foundation.

With regards to the shade of foundation it is down to the retail artist to select this for you. You can then check it and say if you want it darker or lighter. Always take a mirror outside to check it before you purchase and if you are ever in doubt then always select a shade slightly lighter. It's much easier to darken it up than it is to lighten. Don't feel pressured into making a purchase if you are unsure that the colour is correct. Ask for a small sample and if they can't provide this then get them to apply it so you may wear it and check it later at home.

Concealer shopping

Which area do you require concealing?
Depending on the area you require concealing, you will be given a different concealer. Under the eyes will generally be a liquid or light reflecting concealer. Blemishes and scaring will often require a hard cream concealer.

Brow product shopping

How do you want your brows to look?
If you're a fan of the natural brow then you will be given softer powder or pencil brow products. If you like a full on sculpted brow then a hard pencil or gel will be shown.
 The colour choice you will be shown will also vary depending on how  dramatic you like to wear your brow.

Eye shadow shopping

What colour do you have in mind?
Usually you would have an idea on colours you would like so don't be afraid to share your ideas. A good retail artist will be honest and advise you if they think there is something which would suit you better but they will need a basic idea to work from.

What finish do you want from your eye shadow?
Do you want a shimmer or do you prefer a matte. Do you want a cream eye shadow or a powder or would you prefer a stick eye shadow?

How confident are you at applying your eye shadow and how much time do you want to spend doing it?
 If you never wear eye shadow then purchasing 5 colours and attempting to blend them will probably put you off. Go for a natural base and a complimentary colour to sweep over the lid. If you are someone who likes to experiment then let them know this so they can show you different products which can enhance what you already do.

Mascara shopping

What type of brush do you like?
Do you prefer a plastic, thin wand which is good for short lashes or do you like a big chunky brush? If you like definition then a brush with spaced out teeth will be more effective. If you like volume then go for a large bushy brush.

Do you want waterproof?
 Self explanatory 

What colour do you want?
Black, brown or a coloured mascara. There are even clear ones if you don't require colour but just separation.

Blush/Lipstick shopping

Both are near impossible to choose for you. It's so personal what you like to wear on your cheeks and lips that you need to sit down and try some on. Some questions you may be asked are...

What colour do you like?
 Narrow it down for them. Pink, red, brown, orange etc..

What finish?
Do you want it shiny or matte?

Do you want to re apply your lip throughout the day?
 Depending on the longevity required they will offer you a different texture. The more moisturising lipsticks will wear off quicker than a dry texture matte lipstick. There are also lip stains which may be more suitable. You may also be offered a lip liner for definition or a gloss if you want a shine.

Don't be shy in trying different shades, you never know what it will look like until you get it on and it's only makeup, you can just remove it if you don't like it.

Hopefully this rough guide will give you some ideas on what it is that you require so you are armed with the answers once in store. Knowing the answers to these questions will make your shopping experience less stressful and will be greatly appreciated by the artist trying to help you.


Sunday, 3 January 2016

Happy New Year

Happy new year guys! Where did 2015 go! We had an awesome year and wanted to share some of our highlights with you and also talk a little about what is coming up for us in 2016.
 We would love to hear about your plans for this year and if you have any tutorial requests for the coming months then leave us a comment below...

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