Thursday, 29 December 2016

Escentric Molecules 01 Fragrance

I started to wear Escentric Molecules after smelling it on a makeup artist I was working with. He smelt so divine and even after he left the room I could still smell his amazing fragrance. I generally am always more attracted to male fragrance  (I guess that would make sense) however when I asked him what it was he explained that it was unisex and then went on to tell me all the unique points about his fragrance.

Escentric Molecules is a very 'no frills' looking bottle of fragrance. It's not one which jumps out to you and unlike the romantic, luxurious story which a lot of brands spew out to us, it's very industrial looking with a scientific back story.

What's in it?
It uses a molecule known as Iso E Super which is created within a laboratory. Creator Geza Schoen realised that every fragrance he liked had a high concentration of this molecule and so decided to create a fragrance which only contained this molecule. Whilst testing the fragrance he was regularly stopped by people enquiring what fragrance he was wearing. The Iso E Super molecule has an almost alluring fragrance. There are no other odourants within, just simply this molecule.

It's really hard to describe fragrance on a blog post, you need to really experience it yourself. Molecule 01 is actually particularly hard to describe. It's fresh without being citrusy, it's neither overly masculine or overtly feminine and it's not at all floral. It really is a total enigma and if you can never find a fragrance which suits you then you should 100% test this one out. I bet you love it.
 Every single time I wear it someone, usually female, will ask what I'm wearing. I can never smell it on myself but everyone around me always notices it. It's the only fragrance this has ever happened with. I had my eyelashes tinted the other week and the therapist contacted me later in the day to ask me what I wore as she could still smell it in her salon, she has since gone on to purchase and every client she is close to asks her what it is.

You can check out Escentric Molecules in Liberty or purchase online here.


Tuesday, 27 December 2016

De Mamiel Winter Face oil

Image from

 I've been searching for a new face oil for a while. I had been testing out various ones over the last month or so but they just didn't seem to be helping my skin, in fact they seemed to be irritating the hell out of it. I have found that anything with too many essential oils just flares my face up and causes tiny red bumps under the skin which look almost rash like.
 In the process to try and eliminate what was irritating my face I had held off using a lot of products which had then resulted in my skin becoming ridiculously dry.

I thought I would give the new Winter facial oil from De Mamiels a shot at sorting my skin out. It's packed with antioxidants and omega oils and contains a rich blend of vitamin A,C and E. It also contains Copper which helps with skin elasticity and firmness. Iron to give the skin a glow and speed up skin healing and Selenium which is said to be beneficial in reducing acne severity. There are also some essential oils within which did concern me a little but so far I've had no reaction. The essential oils present are Rosehip, Argan, Evening Primrose, Blackcurrant seed, Wild Myrrh and Neroli.

What does this oil promise?
 To restore radiance to tired, winter worn complexions.

Did it work?
 I feel like a little bit of calm has been restored into my skin. I've stripped back the amount of products I have been using so to use a few drops of this oil in the evening is such a treat. My skin lapped this oil up so it didn't feel greasy when I went to bed. I'm not sure I look any less tired, I think I'll always appear tired but my skin looks evened with no redness or dry patches. It has give it a shot of much needed hydration and has definitely softened out my complexion. It also smells wonderful.

If your skin is combination then apply 4 drops in the evening after cleansing. If you have a dryer skin then use in the evenings and also a drop mixed with your foundation looks beautiful and helps with the blending process of your foundation over dry patches.

A real winter evening treat that has actually worked for me in reducing the irritation and stress in my skin.
 De Mamiel winter oil is available here.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Merry Christmas to you all

We hope you all have a fabulous Christmas and and even better 2017. We can't thank you enough for all you have supported us in this past year. You guys are the best and we can't wait to create lots more exciting and fun tutorials along with some fabulous new launches from Real techniques for you.

Merry Christmas.XX


Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Christmas party glitter lip

If you fancy wearing a statement lip this Christmas then check out Nic's glitter lip tutorial.


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Pixiwoo Face and Hollywood Icons

If you're after those last minute stocking fillers for a makeup and beauty addict then don't forget there is still time to order either our Hollywood Icons DVD or if they prefer a good read then opt for our book Pixiwoo Face.

Hollywood Icons

We took a trip to the capital of vintage glamour, Hollywood. We explored the old haunts of some of the most beautiful women in history and spoke to people who knew their beauty secrets. You can also watch us recreate some key looks of the time.

 It's a really fun watch and would be a great gift for any makeup fanatic.
 Hollywood Icons is and available here

 Face by Pixiwoo

We worked on this book for two years to ensure we included absolutely everything you could ever wish to know about makeup application and product.

We talk about the key tools required, application skills and tips and some must have info for all budding makeup artists or for those who just want to update their knowledge on all things makeup and beauty related.

It's basically a compilation of everything we edit out of our tutorials to give you extra tips and tricks. There are also interactive pages which are compatible with your smart phone app's so you may watch never seen before tutorials.

Face by Pixiwoo is available here.

Monday, 19 December 2016

Kevyn Aucoin The Etherealist

 Kevyn Aucoin is renowned for creating a flawless base. We have been massive fans of the sensual skin enhancer for a while and if you need an insanely good coverage from a concealer then definitely check that one out here.

We have been testing out the latest foundation offering The Etherealist. Kevyn Aucoin state it to be a lightweight, illuminating foundation infused with pearl pigments which reflect light and create a radiance which lightens and brightens and boosts hydration.

What do we think?
It feels beautifully fluid on application and buffs into the skin easily. It provides a light wash of cover but is also very buildable if you need a little more help in areas. It dries off quickly and feels pretty matte to the touch. The illumination is not as strong as I expected. It gives a softly satin finish, not the creamy glossy pay off which I was expecting. Skin just looks like skin really! Healthy, natural and evened out. I would say this would be an awesome foundation for an oily or combination customer who still likes a little radiance from their foundation. It would still perform well on a dryer skin but I found it did cling a little to dry patches (most foundations will). If you have a dry skin then you could mix it with your moisturiser or hydrating primer.
 It lasted well on the skin and didn’t require any powdering, even on a combination skin.

 The Etherealist has a great colour line up to cover the majority of skin tones. There are 16 shades available but we have 15 to share with you because one has gone AWOL!

*For some reason I got my foundations mixed up so appologies for the random number 12 in the wrong place.

This foundation is available now here for £50.00


Friday, 16 December 2016

Black Up 2 in 1 shimmering mascara and liner

This is the time of year where you quite often pop out straight from work for a festive drink. If you don't have time to change up your whole makeup look then you can quickly transform your eye look with these shimmering mascara and liner from Black Up.
 They only come in two shades of gold or silver and contain tiny shards of glitter suspended in a water based gel solution. The shards of glitter don't seem to drop at all and once the gel has dried off they are pretty steadfast. It probably wouldn't be the best product for a very sensitive eye or contact lens wearer however.

The liner brush tip is fine and flexible so you can apply either a thin or thick line, it works well under the lower lashes too. Along the wand there is an inch of grooves cut into the applicator so that you can brush the glitter through your lashes. This works well, however I can imagine as the product gets low it may not reach the grooved part to coat it enough.

A nice little two in one product to jazz up a daytime look. Wear it on top of a black liner, on its own or tip your lashes with it.

These are €19.90 each and available here.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Neom Christmas Wish candle

We always look forward to a Neom candle this time of year. The triple wick radiates a warming glow and makes a beautiful centre piece on a festive table. This year the Neom Christmas candle is extra special as not only is it sprinkled with real 18ct gold but it is also supporting the Make a wish charity, something which it has proudly done for 10 years.

The Make a wish charity grants wishes especially for children and young people who are fighting a life threatening illness. It gives children an opportunity to spend a day out with their idol, a bedroom makeover or just a fun day out to take their mind off of their routine hospital visits. It's different for every child depending on their wish.

 Sales from this Christmas wish candle go towards Neom's annual contribution to the Make a wish foundation. This year Neom are pledging to donate two wishes for children who live in the proximity of their flagship stores in Leeds and Wimbledon.

The Christmas wish candle is presented in a weighted glass holder with golden snowfall pattern sprinkled around the glass. The 3 wicks will provide 50 hours burn time, just ensure you burn all three wicks at the same time so it burns down evenly.

The scent is pretty strong and it lingers in the air for days after too. It's a warming spicy scent with a slightly sweet, fruity undertone. It reminds us of mulled wine with a shot of cinnamon. Beautiful on a cold Wintery night.

This candle is available now for £45.00 here.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Makeup for when you're hungover but still gotta work!

We all need this tutorial for this time of the year!!


Friday, 9 December 2016

Illamasqua Antimatter Lipsticks #ad

 Illamasqua are launching 16 brand new lipsticks to their lip portfolio. The Antimatter lipstick range caters for all and includes a shade range from soft ochre through to damson pink and on to winterberry. As you may expect from an all-inclusive brand such as Illamasqua there is a tone, which will compliment the fairest skin and up to a deeper skin.


Housed in the standard patent black case with true colour swatch at the base. The texture would be classed as semi-matte so ticks the box for lovers of a cream or a matte lipstick. The pigment pay off is instant and bold with no need to build depth. The feel on the lips is the seller for us. They give you a natural lip feel with no reflection, just a satin, buttery finish. The semi-matte texture also means they have great longevity and won’t be washed away with the first glass of Champagne this Christmas. The shade wears throughout the day rather than slipping off or becoming patchy.

Illamasqua is really good at bringing a high end product to the high street and the colour range goes from mainstream to eccentric to reflect this. They are also a completely cruelty free brand which makes shopping them a guilt free treat.
 The Antimatter range cater for all lipstick tastes and the semi-matte finish means even those with the driest lips this winter can achieve a matter finish which still feels comfortable.

Check out the 16 shades :

To celebrate the new launch we are giving an opportunity for 1 lucky person to win all 16 shades from the Antimatter lipstick collection. This is an exclusive preview of the lipsticks before they launch anywhere else!

Here are some of our favourite shades from the collection..

For a fair skin tone the shades in Spectra and Solar look particularly striking. Team them up with a similar toned lip liner for a crisp edge and wear them bold with a flawless skin and nude eye.
 The shades in Lya and Binary look beautiful on a deeper skin tone depending on if you prefer a natural or bright lip. Lya, which is an usual warm toned biscuit shade works well with a slightly deeper lip liner and a slick of mirror gloss over the top.
 The shades in Vibrate and Energy may be shades that most would shy away from however they make a blue eye look insanely bright and if you are feeling particularly creative you could mix them with a fuchsia pink and create an ombré purple to pink lip.

All of the T&C’s for the competition are over on the Illamasqua website here and the winner will be announced Monday 19th December via email from Illamasqua.

The Antimatter lipsticks will launch exclusively at Selfridges 26th December 2016 and will then be available nationwide from the 5th January 2017. Each lipstick will be £20.00.
Head over to the Illamasqua website now to be in with a chance. Winning every shade will mean you can experiment with different shades to your hearts content!

Good luck!


Thursday, 8 December 2016

New Updated Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

This foundation has always been one of our favourite Drug store foundations so we were keen to test
out the new and improved version which hits the stores from January 2017.
 It's always a bit of a worry when a brand changes an old fave because it usually means it's not as good, thankfully that is not the case here.

 What's different?

Basically it is the radiance properties which have changed and there's a bit of extra oomph from the combination of vitamin C, E and B5. The coated colour pigments bounce the light and provide a silky finish to the skin, almost like you have a pair of 5 denier tights over your face!

What we love about this foundation is that it's not a chalky foundation, which drug store foundations often are. If you were blindfolded and given this foundation and a high end foundation to feel I don't think you could feel the difference. The creamy texture massages into the skin without clinging and absorbs quickly without drying. The finish is a healthy glow that basically looks just like natural fresh skin.
 Coverage is light but buildable to medium and would work well on all skins even the very dry.
 There are some new shade extensions in number 50, 57, and 58. Great that drugstore brands are finally realising that we need more lighter and deeper tones in affordable foundation but still not as dark as we would like to see. With the exception of the shades in No 50 and 55 all of the shades have a warm yellow base.

The new healthy mix still has the pleasant fresh aroma and lasts just as well on the skin too.
 This foundation will be available from January 20th at all the normal locations.


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Mature evening makup

Check out our tutorial on evening/party makeup for a mature lady...


Tuesday, 6 December 2016

YSL Rouge pur couture collector sparkle clash edition

If you're a lover of gorgeous packaging and a bright lip then you need to check out the YSL Sparkle Clash collection which is limited edition for this Christmas. They have an eye shadow palette and Touche éclat in the same sparkle packaging too but we think there is something particularly special and satisfying about the lipsticks.

 The lipsticks are embossed with stars and have a creamy intensity with an opaque finish. The texture is almost water like rather than sticky. They produce a soft sheen on the lips, nothing glittery as you may expect.

These lipsticks and the rest of the collection are available here now nationwide for a limited time.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Topshop Glow prime and finish

These two liquid highlighters from Topshop are a great dupe for the amazing Hourglass Ambient light correcting primer. They are similar in texture and the amount of reflection they offer but just a slightly different tone.

On initial application these highlighters feel like they are going to be thick and sticky but actually once they are massaged in they absorb pretty fast.
 The rich texture produces a very opulent highlight that sits well under makeup as a radiant primer or can be added to the high points for a healthy sheen. They really do look gorgeous on the skin.

For a fairer skin choose the shade super-natural. It's a moonlit pearl which has a slight pinky reflection. 

Lightyear would work well on a medium to olive skin tone. It's a milky golden shade but very subtle.

Each primer is £12.00 and available now here.


Friday, 2 December 2016

MAC Shadescents

  Remember when it was fashionable to match your nails to you lips? MAC have taken that to a new level and have developed fragrances inspired by selected lipstick shades. Each fragrance use ingredients inspired by 6 of their iconic lipsticks.

The lipstick and fragrance options are:

Ruby Woo- Woody floral   
Candy Yum-Yum-Fruity floral gourmand   
Lady danger-Woody floriental   
My heroine-Woody leather  
Créme D’nude-Amber musk    
Velvet teddy- Wild honey  

We have the Ruby Woo fragrance and were pleasantly suprised. It has a deep leather aroma but with a delicate fresh floral. Glamourous and sultry and definitely one for a winter evening. Well done MAC you really have captured the essence of Ruby Woo in a bottle.

These fragrances are limited edition, £35 each and are exclusively available from Harrods from 1st December to tie in nicely with world Aids day.


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Lip Magnet-New matte lipstick from Giorgio Armani #ad

During the Autumn/Winter months we love to keep our skin looking hydrated and fresh with just a pop of colour on the lips. Lip Magnet looks awesome worn as the statement piece for your day or evening look. Keep skin natural, slick on a feline flick of liquid liner and apply two coats of your chosen lip magnet. In the evening you could team it up with a complimentary blush to add a little more colour.

Lips suffer more than ever in the autumn/winter months. The heating goes on, the weather gets colder and our skin in general suffers. With the skin on the lips being far thinner than anywhere else on the body it’s understandable that these external aggravators are going to take their toll. This is why it’s so important to choose your lip products wisely. You need a product, which will feel comfortable and not drying but also not so sticky that a gust of wind will stick your hair to your lips.

This week we have been testing out the Lip Magnet from Giorgio Armani Beauty and it is ticking all the right boxes for us.
 The lip magnet is available in 18 shades, which are presented in a clear pot, enabling you to see the colour inside. The application wand is a teardrop shape, which is made from a flexible sponge. The tip of the teardrop is shaped perfectly to allow you to apply the product with perfect precision. It flexes to the shape of the lip and by using it on the very tip you can create a sharp, defined shape within the cupids bow.

Lip Magnet is inspired by the finish of the Fusion makeup within the Giorgio Armani Beauty range. It applies with a lightweight, water effect finish. The ultra thin film of colour sweeps over the lip with a strong colour payoff and a bold punchy finish. They dry off almost instantly but due to the ingredient mix of water and fine oils the pigments don’t settle on dry areas of the lips. The wash of colour is even all over and as it wears throughout the day there is no pooling or patchiness to the colour. Lips feel totally bare and maintain their hydration throughout the day or evening.

The finish, once dry is totally matte and as the name suggests, they grip to the lips immediately. You are left with a second skin effect with a super concentrated colour. Apply a sheer wash initially to give you a base and then go back in with a second coat to build colour and shape. The water content in the Lip magnet gradually evaporates causing the oils and pigment to fuse and intensify the colour pigment. They wear so well. They don’t fade or separate and will see you throughout the working day with no touch ups required.

Let’s look at the shades…

300  302
400 401 403 402
502 504 501 506 500 503 507
600 602 601

For the daytime 504 is a beautiful peachy pink with golden undertones or 301 if you like something a little warmer. Our favourite shades for the evening are 302 for a vibrant glamorous tomato red and 600 for a vampy look.

If you are someone who likes to apply their lip product and not have to worry about touch-ups and who prefers a matte but hydrated finish then this is definitely a product to check out.

This product is available nationwide from 26th October or can be purchased at

After Lip magnet has sold out in Selfridges it will be available nationwide! 

#armanibeauty #lipmagnet #ad

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Marc Jacobs About last night

Marc Jacobs has some beautiful sets for Christmas if you are feeling like splashing out a little.
 We have two kits to share with you, one for the lips and one for the eyes and cheeks. Both kits are presented in a stunning clutch style compact. 
 Each case is a metallic cushioned zip up clutch with added black tassle detail. I just wish it was easier to pop out the eye shadows so that the case could be re used as an evening bag.

The lips selection called Up all night includes 5 mini lipsticks. I love a mini lip product because the size actually makes it easier to apply with precision. The pigment is insanely good. Bold, rich and with a satin finish.

Nice little mix of shades with something for everyone however because each shade is totally different from the next you probably are only going to like one or two colours in the collection.

The face and eye palette in Object of desire is the perfect weekend away palette. The eye shadows are satin and metallic finish and offer up either a neutral beige eye or a smoky plum look. Two blushers in apricot or rose pink and  a golden pearl highlight.
 Good colour pay off and the black infused with plum sparkle is instantly black with little effort needed to build the intensity. Shades do have a little fall out.


The Style Eye-Con No2 palette is HUGE! Initially I thought it was another giant bronzer but in fact it is a 20 shadow palette. The darker shades have a really great pay-off and blend out beautifully. The lighter shades are a little bit wishy-washy and blend away to not much but can be built up with a bit of patience. The best shades are the metallic golds and bronzes. The reflection from these is superb.

It's not a palette you are likely to carry in your bag but definitely one to keep on your dresser. The colour choice is great with some really good mid tone shades to contour the socket with.

You can purchase the palettes and more for a limited time here.

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