Monday, 14 December 2015

Halo Wipes

It's the little things in life that make you happy! We have mentioned in our tutorials our love of wipes for the face (naughty girls!) but Halo have produced wipes we don't need to be ashamed of!
  These little packs contain wipes for all the other quick cleansing needs in your life. Perfect for freshening up before a night out straight from work, for your hand luggage during your travels or in our case, cleaning up our children!


 Stacey who works here at Pixiwoo recently had a baby and took a selection of these in her hospital bag to save space. After having a Caesarean Section she said using these in her hospital bed was an absolute saviour. 

  • Deodorant wipes
 Great for your gym bag or during the day. The best thing is there are no risk of white marks.

  • Facial wipes 
 We all know what these are  good for! Fragrance free also so good for a more sensitive skin.

  • Moistened toilet tissue
 The worst feeling ever when you reach for the toilet roll in a public toilet and there's none left. Worry no more!! Don't flush these down the loo though, pop them in the sanitary bin.
  • Anti-bac surface wipes
For you OCD clean people these are great. Wipe over eating surface, toilet seats, door handles..whatever you thing needs a bit of a clean. Antibacterial protection against E.Coli and other harmful bacteria.
  • Eye makeup remover wipes
These are great for festivals and weekends away when you can't be bothered to take a bottle of eye makeup remover or when on flights where you aren't allowed liquids.
  • Hand wipes
Great for everyday use in your handbag.

These little packs are pocket size and keep moist. Each pack has 10 wipes and the eye makeup remover pads have 30. They are so handy to have and also make nice little stocking fillers.
 They are avaialable from a variety of locations and all seem to be different prices depending on where you purchase from so shop around. Each pack ranges from 0.80p at Sainsbury's to £1.20 at Boots. Also avaialble at Superdrug and Tesco.


  1. Deodorant wipes sound like a God send. These would be perfect for nights out, festivals or as you've already mentioned, the gym X


  2. Love the sound of these! I've never heard of deodorant wipes before, sounds interesting and would definitely come in handy in so many situations!! Em xx

  3. These sound great but I guess you have to be super careful not to get them mixed up!


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