Monday, 7 December 2015

Dita Von Teese for MAC

 Dita Von Teese has collaborated with MAC before during their Viva glam campaign a few years back. She has joined forces again to produce her signature red lip with a limited edition lipstick called Von Teese.
 Inspired by Dita's new book, Your beauty mark, the lipstick is packaged in a patent black case with Dita's name scrolled across in red.
 The lipstick bullet twists up to reveal her name engraved at the base.

 Despite how glossy the lipstick looks in the campaign image it's actually more of a satin texture with a matte finish.
 Glides onto the lips with a comfortable creaminess and provides a bold colour pay-off in an intense tomato red.

Sam has used this lipstick in next weeks tutorial but has blended out the edges to give a more diffused look rather than a solid, bold lip. This is a softer way to wear the lipstick for the day.

 This lipstick is £17.00 and available from 16th December for a limited time.



  1. Everywhere I have looked it says the release date is the 9th.

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  3. I have exactly the same shade from Rimmel by Kate Moss and I paid for it 3 zlotys, which is about 0,5 british pound. :)

  4. Beautiful lip color! Lovely shade!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. I wish I suited red lipstick, as this is gorgeous! :)

    1. You probably do. It just finding your red. Mine is ruby woo- before I bought it I thought red looked wrong on me too x


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