Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Clarins Instant Glow Spring Collection

 Enough of Christmas, onwards to Spring makeup! January collections are usually all about a fresh start and this collection fits nicely into that category. Emerging from the dark winter is this selection of iridescent glowing shades.
 For the eyes we particularly like the Ombre Iridescent. Four shades of cream to powder eye shadow which contain a blend of soft focus, shimmering pressed pigments.

Silver Plum, Silver Green, Silver Pink, Silver Ivory

 Easy to blend over the lid in a wash of cool toned colour which lasts well on the lid. Each shade has a beautiful satin finish infused with a radiant silver sheen. We think these eye shadows work best on their own blended over the lid. When worn together they tend to look a little muddy and dated. Keep the eye fresh with a blend of one of these and lashings of black mascara.
 These are £19 each.

 If you prefer something warmer toned for the eye then there is a new limited edition 5-colour palette. Peach, rose-bronze and chocolate palette is a similar iridescent finish. This palette is £33.

The lipsticks are a gorgeous blend of moisturising ingredients including vitamin E, mimosa, jojoba and sunflower. The colours are all coral pinks with a creamy sheen and delicious scent. Each lipstick is £19.50.


 To finish are two new instant light lip perfectors. These are always our go-to lip products when we are in a rush so we are pretty happy about the latest two shades to add to our handbags! These are £18 each.

This collection is available from 10th January 2016. www.clarins.co.uk



  1. Wow! These shades are gorgeous, especially the first four eyeshadows :) X


  2. Loved the post! I absolutely love you guys been watching for years, and always look foward to new videos. Can you guys please please consider doing a video on how best to use makeup over fine lines under the eyes etc? Ive tried so many concealers but they crease and sit in the lines and make it look a thousand times worse and I'm only 25!! :( Please please do a vid!!

  3. These colours are so fresh after the darks of this season! I adore the palette.

  4. Would you recommend the palette for someone with hooded eyes?

  5. Lovely shades! Superb look!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. Lovely Shades of Lipstick you mentioned, Which have Vitamin E, its Suits me. I found your Blog Interesting..
    Love from Healthy Lifestyle

  7. This is seriously GORGEOUS!! Bring on SPRING!

  8. ah finally! new instant lip shades!

  9. I love this ........


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