Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Armani Maestro Glow Foundation

Big fans of glowing skin and the latest from Armani delivers this big time!

This foundation is contained in the same pipette style applicator as Armani Maestro, read about that one here..http://goo.gl/ggctlu 
 Not overly keen on this style of application method. It's a bit of a faff placing droplets onto your face or brush but I guess it's hygienic and looks swanky. 

 The texture, as with Maestro Fusion , is very liquid  although it blends much easier than Fusion.
 The coverage is pretty sheer. Softly evens out the skin tone but by no means a heavy finish. If you are blessed with great skin then this foundation will look pretty awesome. If you have pigmentation, blemishes or open pores then we think there are other foundations which will compliment your skin better. The radiance highlights any skin flaws like a spot light unfortunately.
 As the name suggests, this foundation is all about the glow and boy does it do that! We tested this on a few different skin tones and types to see how it performed.
 If you have a combination or oily skin you may find it too moisturising. It still felt tacky on the skin for a good hour and pooled slightly in the oily T-zone. It had also started to wear a little by the end of the day but that would also be down to the oily skin type. If you're happy to touch up during the day then go for it.
 On a dryer skin it sat better. So long as you don't have any obvious dry patches it blends nicely into the skin. Longevity was better and it felt much nicer on the skin.

 Now lets talk about the glow.....
  It's VERY glowing but the glow works better on certain skin tones. The highlighting pigment provides a cool toned sheen rather than a warm golden radiance. On a yellow toned skin this pigment seemed to work against the warmth of the skin and looked ashy. The ashy tone in turn made the skin appear metallic rather than radiant, probably not the look you had in mind. As with all makeup you can blend in other products to make it work. Buffing in a cream bronzer on the high points of the face helped to counteract the metallic edge but at this kind of price do you really want to be applying more product to correct it?

No4 under artificial light

No4 in Daylight

If you have a porcelain or a cool skin tone then the radiance works. It highlights the skin with a celestial sheen which looks natural and gorgeous. 

On the high street it looks good, on camera you need to be cautious. It's very radiant and coupled with the SPF30 this does have a kind of soft focus flashback. If you fancy a radiant Armani foundation for your wedding day then stick with Luminous silk, it photographs better.

Available in 9 shades, one of which is super light so great for a very fair skin. We were surprised how light the No4 shade came up. If you are normally a number 4 in Armani's other foundations you may want to double check this shade before purchasing.
 We only had the shade in No4 to test so maybe the darker colours appear warmer on the skin.

To quote it's full title...deep breath.....Maestro glow-Nourishing fusion makeup Bi-phase elixir SPF30...phew what a name, is available from February and will be £40.


  1. This looks like a lovely foundation. However i have oliy skin so i might try another foundation from their range.

    Looks so lovely and dewy, perfect for when your skin needs that boost.


  2. Hmmm, I'm torn. I have pale cool skin that's dry but I have larger pores. Maybe a beauty blender or primer would solve my problem and make it more workable!

  3. I am sad! I really like my Luminous silk foundation but don't think this will work for me considering its ashy appearance on warm skin.

  4. Ah I was really looking forward to this...doesn't sound too promising for my yellow toned skin. But I'll be getting a sample for sure. I'm a huge fan of maestro fusion and I wish it was more moisturizing


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