Thursday, 12 November 2015

Kate Moss Nude Collection for Rimmel

Our all time favourite supermodel Kate Moss has launched a range of nude lipsticks for Rimmel. 5 shades in varying nudes to suit multiple skin tones presented in peach and silver packaging adorned with Kate's signature.
 Kate has also launched a clear lip balm to sit alongside the collection which is also in a classic twist-up lipstick.

  If you have dry lips then nude shades can be quite unforgiving. They cling to the dryness and make the lips look a million times worse! Dry brushing the lips with an old toothbrush can help but we found applying the clear Kate lip balm before colour application made the lipsticks sit better.

 The shades are all similar but have varying undertones to enhance different skin tones.To achieve the perfect nude you should choose one which matches your natural lip colour.

 If you have a fair skin tone avoid nudes which contain too much yellow, they tend to look a little insipid and wash you out. Opt for a nude which has a slightly more pink nude. No42 would work well.
 A medium to olive skin tone can pull off most nudes but try a beige or apricot nude. No 40 or 43 would look great.

  Deeper skin tones look great in either a cool toned rose or chocolate nude.
  Either No45 or No48 depending on your nude preference would work.   The best advise is to try before you buy and wear it for an hour to check to see if the colour changes after time.There is no reason why a fair skin couldn't wear a deeper nude, it's really personal preference.

Each lipstick gives a satin finish to the lips with a good amout of colour payoff. The lips look opaque and the natural lip is completely camouflaged out. 

 The trick to applying a nude lipstick, and actually making it look nude is to dab the lipstick on and buff over the edges with your ring finger. This will push the colour into the lips and avoid any harsh edges.If your nude lip is too close to your skin tone then use a light stone coloured lip liner around the edge to create a slight shadow. Buff the line to ensure it doesn't stand out, you don't want to look like Pamela Anderson Circa 1995!

 Each lipstick is £5.49 and available now here... 



  1. Oh my... are so pretty! I want them all!!


  2. Love these shades!

  3. I have been thinking about getting one of these and now this has persuaded me! Now I think I will try No.48. Wish these had nice names though! Niamh x

  4. Beautiful collection! Love these shades!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. Love those colors - perfect for this time a year!!

    Love Katie

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  6. Loved the range!! Thanks for sharing. - a mobile beauty therapy service

  7. The shades are really pretty! I love the Kate Moss Lipsticks they are amazing! :)

  8. I ordered 45 and 48 from Feel Unique since I feel like all the other two shades are too light, but those two are great!

  9. I love Kate Moss lipsticks, really like the look of 42 x


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