Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm #Ad

 If you are a regular to our channel and blog you will know that we go through stages when looking after our skin. One week we are all about the face wipes (sorry Caroline Hirons), the next we are cleansing, toning and smothering our faces in a luxurious night oil.
 Back in June we interviewed Sunday Riley about her skin care brand and we were totally blown away by her knowledge of skin and every single ingredient which went into her products. Sunday is so passionate about the products and after spending some time chatting to her you can understand why the Sunday Riley brand is one of the leaders in skin care and also why it has the price tag.

Take a look here...

 We received a sample of Sunday Riley's latest cleanser a few weeks back but when we got hold of the final product in it's packaging we were super excited.
 Firstly the 100g pot is made from plastic which makes it much lighter to transport around. Cleansers in large glass pots look gorgeous on your bathroom shelf but are totally unpractical. The midnight blue exterior and gold lettering makes you instantly wish it was bedtime so you can use it to remove the days grime and slip into bed. Obviously this cleanser can be used during the day but the name and the packaging makes you want to reserve it for a pampering night in.

This is a hard balm texture initially but after warming onto the skin it melts away to a soft fluid balm. It lifts off all of your makeup, even heavy duty stuff and is fine to gently massage over the eyes and lashes.
 This cleanser is for all us dry skinned people and also for anyone whose skin is irritated or stressed out. It has a glycerin and sugar base which helps to emulsify off all of the days makeup and debris we collect on our skin throughout the day without stripping or drying.
 The key ingredients in this cleanser is Blue Tansy Oil. Blue Tansy is naturally blue so it is this which gives the balm it's pale blue colour. 

Blue Tansy is used traditionally to reduce the body's response to irritation. If your skin is sensitive, stressed or ravaged from the change in climate and central heating/air conditioning then this balm will soothe and take down the red in an angry skin. Chamomile is also in there with similar calming properties. Cocoa and Moringa butter nourish and hydrate but don't leave the skin feeling greasy.
 We love the scent. It's not overpowering at all and we love that so much thought was put into which essential oils should be used based on their affect on the mind and body.
 Clementine Petitgrain promotes calmness and helps to lift the spirits after shock or trauma to the body. It also aids sleep and relaxation. Vanilla gives a subtle warm sweetness and Tangerine lifts the scent and also soothes any cracked dry skin.
 Another bonus is that this can be layered on a little thicker and left for 20 minutes for use as a super hydrating mask.
 The only negative point we can make is that because this is a hard balm formula you really have to get your fingers stuck in to get the product out. It feels so sad to ruin the perfectly smooth balm but if you only rub your fingers over the surface then you will be there ages trying to get enough product onto your face!

 This balm seriously delivers the results it claims. Skin is clean with no trace of grease or oily residue. A few minutes of massaging this over a dry face leaves your skin cleansed, glowing and hydrated with a relaxing scent.Wash off and follow with your regular regime. This cleanser will last ages which makes the £46.00 price a little easier on the conscience.
 You can get hold of this cleanser from http://uk.spacenk.com



  1. I have very dry stressed out skin, so this product sounds amazing to me!

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for your information that would really help us a lot
    herbal skin and beauty products

  3. Oh my I would love to try this cleanser!! I have a thing for cleansers and seem to have a nice selection even though I only use two. I'm not sure whether I could justify these price tags to my boyfriend though xoxo



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