Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dior Cosmopolite Collection

There are no surprises from Dior's Autumn collection, pretty predictable seasonal colours but nice all the same.
 We took a peek at the pieces for the eyes from the collection. Magnetic futuristic was the inspiration for this collection which is evident in the mirror like metallic finish from the various shades.
 The 5 Couleurs palette we have (there are 2 available) is 766 Exubérante. It's a mix of nudes with a shimmering midnight blue thrown in to shake it up a bit.

 Natural pink toned base and pebble in a matte finish along with a warm brown infused with delicate plum sparkle, dark blue and a shimmering gold.

The neutrals all apply really nicely and create a gorgeous warm smoky eye but the blue lays down a little patchy and takes a bit more work to blend evenly. This palette is £43.00.

The other piece for the eyes which we have is the new fluid shadow.

This shade in 275 Cosmic is a metallic Cranberry which is applied via the flexible brush.

This applies beautifully and the colour is super strong however we found as soon as it's blended it disappears out to nothing. 

Before blending

It dries extremely quick so you have to blend immediately but you are then left with not much product on the lid. You would need to layer it to get any sort of coverage. 

After blending
A little disappointing considering the £25.00 price tag. Maybe the other colours work better, if you have one then let us know! 

This collection is available now online and in stores



  1. Use the Fluid shadow as a eyeliner instead with a fine eyeliner brush, once dried it will not budge!!

  2. Great post, I can never see the allure with such tiny quads as I feel like not enough thought is put into them to make them worth the price tag and you can find a similar shade range in Superdrug which might end up being better or of a similar quality. If you're going to charge a lot the eyeshadows have to be sublime, I think, Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs and Charlotte Tilbury are all brands who really take their eyeshadows up a notch with quality and pigmentation as well as colours. Of course, they also charge an arm and a leg for them! Great post! Love your reviews they are always so honest.

    Kiran |

  3. Nice collection!! Love this post!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  4. Beautiful eye shadows! Love this post!

    Sparkle & Shine

  5. I´ve got a lipstick from this collection and it is simply perfect.

  6. I love shades in eyeshadow palette and I feel like they are really wearable. It's cool because it is not usual brown and neutrals palette

  7. I love shades in eyeshadow palette and I feel like they are really wearable. It's cool because it is not usual brown and neutrals palette

  8. Once the fluid shadow came to our store, our lovely Dior commercial representative (I have no idea if that is the rigth term) said that it is not very suitable for blending, just wipe it on and let it dry. That is it looks to dissappear..

  9. That is WHY.. sorry about that missing :D


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