Friday, 23 October 2015

Collection Brow Kits

We are always on the hunt for a bargain brow product and we think these two new kits from Collection are a pretty good purchase.
 There are two kits, one in blonde and one in brunette, sorry red heads nothing for you again!!
 Each kit contains three brow powders, a clear brow gel and a mini dual ended synthetic brush.

 Drug store brands are now producing much better colour selections for brows. There is now no excuse to wear a jet black or an orange toned blonde brow!
 The shades in these kits are soft tones in cooler ashy shades. No good if you have a lot of warmth or red in your hair but great if you are light to medium blonde through to mousey brown, light brunette and black haired.
 The brunette kit has a taupe which is perfect for the fairer hairs and building depth, the middle brunette shade is a very dark brown with a cool grey base and the darkest shade is an off black.

Brunette Kit


 The blonde kit has a great fair shade which blends so well into a light ashy brow. No warmth to it so great for creating a natural shape. The middle shade is a soft taupe which is perfect for building structure to a blonde brow and the darkest shade is a charcoal which is better for those who prefer their brows slightly darker than their blonde hair.

Blonde Kit


The downside of these kits is that they are quite crumbly so as you swipe your angled brush over the pan you loose seen below!

Drop down is not as bad as we expected so long as you tap your brush before application.
 The shades apply softly making it easy to build colour until you have created your desired colour strength. Powder longevity is good, it lasted well however if you sweat a lot or live some where humid or hot then you would be best to invest in a more waxy style of brow product. After applying a coat of the clear gel it helped to set the colour and create texture to the brow.

 These kits are £3.99 each and are available here..



  1. My biggest issue with brow stuff is how red they make everything!!! I love these! I have jet black or black/blue hair all the time, so a reddish brow looks ridiculous. I need to order a LOT of these.

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  3. For the price! I'm happy to give these a go even if they crumble a bit. Collection is really coming out with some great stuff!


  4. No pics of application or results?! :(

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  6. £3.99 is very affordable so not going to break the bank which is FAB :) X


  7. I love collection make-up! x

  8. That is cheap at £3.99, I normally use HD brow and I love that, so I've never really tired any other brand, so will have to give it a try for the price tag. Nice blog - come visit my blog some time.

    Top Style Advice | Fashion and Beauty Blog

  9. I love trying different brow kits to try find the best one for my brows, definitely going to try this next!

  10. Interesting. I have an eyebrow pencil which I use very rarely.
    I have naturally thick brows and I've usually don't use any product on it.
    Thanks for the review dears!
    I've just relocated to the UK and I'd be so happy to have your support for my blog! :)
    Do visit & follow and/or leave a comment. :)
    Fashion Panache

  11. Lovely shades!! Nice brow kits!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  12. This looks like a good little kit, and super affordable!


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