Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Kryolan Halloween Kits

It's quite apparent from the amount of Halloween tutorials we have done this year just how much we adore this spooky time of year!
 Halloween is a great opportunity to get creative but it can sometimes be a real hassle getting all the makeup and tools you need together to start your look. With Halloween only a few days away time is running out to get your makeup organised. If you have left it to the last minute then stress no more because Kryolan have created the answer!

 Kryolan have produced two new kits, the Sugar skull kit and the Zombie kit. Each kit contains everything you need to recreate the image all neatly zipped up in a plastic case. This is genius! No more trailing around the shops to get your look together ready for the weekend.

The Sugar skull kit

This kit contains..

2 makeup brushes
3 Aqua Colours
Body Jewels
White Supracolour face paint
2 Multi Gel glitters
Translucent powder and powder puff
Application Sponge

The kit also comes with a visual step by step instruction on how to create along with an image of how the finished makeup should look.

The Zombie Kit

This kit contains..

Fresh scratch blood effect
F/X Blood
Liquid latex
Tooth enamel
Translucent Powder and powder puff
Spirit Gum
Cream colour
Application sponge

Also includes a step by step and image to help you re create.

We think these kits are fabulous and perfect if you are not too confident with your Halloween makeup. They are super easy to use if you follow the steps. You can also use your imagination and use the kit to create an alternative look and you can add in extra touches to make your look unique. You will also have plenty of product left over to use another time.

The Sugar skull kit is £43.75 and The Zombie kit is £39.50. This may seem a little pricey but by the time you have purchased latex and paints individually it would cost more than the kit price and also takes a lot more effort!

 These kits are available now from Kryolan here  but hurry to ensure you get your kit delivered before Saturday!!


Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Lacquer

The latest lip product from Giorgio Armani is Ecstasy lacquer. 
 Gorgeous ombré effect packaging in patent black running through to a glimpse of the shade colour at the tip.
 The wand is a soft sponge paddle which is angled to aid application.

These lacquers have a very fluid texture and feel like water on the lips. Initially they have a wet look sheen but once they dry off they look matte. Because of how wet they apply we expected them to be a very sheer wash however they actually give a bold opaque finish which stains the lips. They don't feel drying but they don't feel particularly moisturising either. After a few minutes the sheen dulls down and they have a slightly tacky feeling. 
 The pigments in these are super strong and they longevity is pretty incredible considering how fluid they feel on application. There is zero transfer either.
 There are 18 shades in total, we have 12 of them to show you...

 Some beautiful shades for this Autumn/Winter season.
 These lacquers are £27.00 each and available now..


Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween Tutorial Nebula Guardians of the Galaxy

Did you catch last Thursday's tutorial? You'll need some tin foil!!


Friday, 23 October 2015

Collection Brow Kits

We are always on the hunt for a bargain brow product and we think these two new kits from Collection are a pretty good purchase.
 There are two kits, one in blonde and one in brunette, sorry red heads nothing for you again!!
 Each kit contains three brow powders, a clear brow gel and a mini dual ended synthetic brush.

 Drug store brands are now producing much better colour selections for brows. There is now no excuse to wear a jet black or an orange toned blonde brow!
 The shades in these kits are soft tones in cooler ashy shades. No good if you have a lot of warmth or red in your hair but great if you are light to medium blonde through to mousey brown, light brunette and black haired.
 The brunette kit has a taupe which is perfect for the fairer hairs and building depth, the middle brunette shade is a very dark brown with a cool grey base and the darkest shade is an off black.

Brunette Kit


 The blonde kit has a great fair shade which blends so well into a light ashy brow. No warmth to it so great for creating a natural shape. The middle shade is a soft taupe which is perfect for building structure to a blonde brow and the darkest shade is a charcoal which is better for those who prefer their brows slightly darker than their blonde hair.

Blonde Kit


The downside of these kits is that they are quite crumbly so as you swipe your angled brush over the pan you loose seen below!

Drop down is not as bad as we expected so long as you tap your brush before application.
 The shades apply softly making it easy to build colour until you have created your desired colour strength. Powder longevity is good, it lasted well however if you sweat a lot or live some where humid or hot then you would be best to invest in a more waxy style of brow product. After applying a coat of the clear gel it helped to set the colour and create texture to the brow.

 These kits are £3.99 each and are available here..


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Diego dalla palma Illusion eye shadow

We came across this eyeshadow as part of the Diego dalla palma Autumn/Winter collection (out since September). It was the stand out piece of the collection for us because it is an almost identical dupe for Chanel Illusion D'Ombre!

Sorry for the finger mark, we couldn't wait to touch it!

It's a domed, cushioned mousse texture which applies in a creamy wash but dries off to a powder. You need to work the product a little by giving it a good blend with a soft blending brush but it gives you a gorgeous smoky eye infused with a fine sparkle.

  The only downside is it only comes in one shade within a limited edition collection. Come on DDP, please keep these available and launch some shade extensions!!

 The one colour available called chestnut is a rich, warm brown which is infused with a mix of gold, silver and auburn fine glitter. 
 It is the ultimate Autumnal eyeshadow and can be worn softly during the day or built up for a strong shimmering evening look.

This eye shadow is limited edition for £14.62 (weird price!) and is still available on the DDP website here


Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Sunday Riley Blue Moon Cleansing Balm #Ad

 If you are a regular to our channel and blog you will know that we go through stages when looking after our skin. One week we are all about the face wipes (sorry Caroline Hirons), the next we are cleansing, toning and smothering our faces in a luxurious night oil.
 Back in June we interviewed Sunday Riley about her skin care brand and we were totally blown away by her knowledge of skin and every single ingredient which went into her products. Sunday is so passionate about the products and after spending some time chatting to her you can understand why the Sunday Riley brand is one of the leaders in skin care and also why it has the price tag.

Take a look here...

 We received a sample of Sunday Riley's latest cleanser a few weeks back but when we got hold of the final product in it's packaging we were super excited.
 Firstly the 100g pot is made from plastic which makes it much lighter to transport around. Cleansers in large glass pots look gorgeous on your bathroom shelf but are totally unpractical. The midnight blue exterior and gold lettering makes you instantly wish it was bedtime so you can use it to remove the days grime and slip into bed. Obviously this cleanser can be used during the day but the name and the packaging makes you want to reserve it for a pampering night in.

This is a hard balm texture initially but after warming onto the skin it melts away to a soft fluid balm. It lifts off all of your makeup, even heavy duty stuff and is fine to gently massage over the eyes and lashes.
 This cleanser is for all us dry skinned people and also for anyone whose skin is irritated or stressed out. It has a glycerin and sugar base which helps to emulsify off all of the days makeup and debris we collect on our skin throughout the day without stripping or drying.
 The key ingredients in this cleanser is Blue Tansy Oil. Blue Tansy is naturally blue so it is this which gives the balm it's pale blue colour. 

Blue Tansy is used traditionally to reduce the body's response to irritation. If your skin is sensitive, stressed or ravaged from the change in climate and central heating/air conditioning then this balm will soothe and take down the red in an angry skin. Chamomile is also in there with similar calming properties. Cocoa and Moringa butter nourish and hydrate but don't leave the skin feeling greasy.
 We love the scent. It's not overpowering at all and we love that so much thought was put into which essential oils should be used based on their affect on the mind and body.
 Clementine Petitgrain promotes calmness and helps to lift the spirits after shock or trauma to the body. It also aids sleep and relaxation. Vanilla gives a subtle warm sweetness and Tangerine lifts the scent and also soothes any cracked dry skin.
 Another bonus is that this can be layered on a little thicker and left for 20 minutes for use as a super hydrating mask.
 The only negative point we can make is that because this is a hard balm formula you really have to get your fingers stuck in to get the product out. It feels so sad to ruin the perfectly smooth balm but if you only rub your fingers over the surface then you will be there ages trying to get enough product onto your face!

 This balm seriously delivers the results it claims. Skin is clean with no trace of grease or oily residue. A few minutes of massaging this over a dry face leaves your skin cleansed, glowing and hydrated with a relaxing scent.Wash off and follow with your regular regime. This cleanser will last ages which makes the £46.00 price a little easier on the conscience.
 You can get hold of this cleanser from


Monday, 19 October 2015

Gamora 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Halloween Tutorial

Did you catch Sam's tutorial last week? It's another Halloween inspired'll require lots of green face makeup!


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Dior Cosmopolite Collection

There are no surprises from Dior's Autumn collection, pretty predictable seasonal colours but nice all the same.
 We took a peek at the pieces for the eyes from the collection. Magnetic futuristic was the inspiration for this collection which is evident in the mirror like metallic finish from the various shades.
 The 5 Couleurs palette we have (there are 2 available) is 766 Exubérante. It's a mix of nudes with a shimmering midnight blue thrown in to shake it up a bit.

 Natural pink toned base and pebble in a matte finish along with a warm brown infused with delicate plum sparkle, dark blue and a shimmering gold.

The neutrals all apply really nicely and create a gorgeous warm smoky eye but the blue lays down a little patchy and takes a bit more work to blend evenly. This palette is £43.00.

The other piece for the eyes which we have is the new fluid shadow.

This shade in 275 Cosmic is a metallic Cranberry which is applied via the flexible brush.

This applies beautifully and the colour is super strong however we found as soon as it's blended it disappears out to nothing. 

Before blending

It dries extremely quick so you have to blend immediately but you are then left with not much product on the lid. You would need to layer it to get any sort of coverage. 

After blending
A little disappointing considering the £25.00 price tag. Maybe the other colours work better, if you have one then let us know! 

This collection is available now online and in stores


Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Anastasia Illuminator

I feel like there is a load of new illuminating products hitting the stores at the moment. Maybe it's because we are heading into the darker evenings in the UK so we feel like we need the light to radiate from our skin or maybe it's the latest Strobing techniques which are popular.
 Anastasia Beverly Hills have launched their illuminators for this season. Looking more Hollywood than Beverly Hills these highlighters are embossed with a 1920's style Art Deco print.

Peach Nectar  So Hollywood

 They are powder but feel so silky, almost like a cream. These illuminators are pretty hardcore! They have a high metallic pearl radiance (no glitter) and will give the skin an extreme highlight. There are four shades which cater for all skin tones.

 We have two shades to show you...

 Peach Nectar which is an apricot gold. Looks stunning on a medium to dark skin tone and radiates a warm rose gold sheen.
 so Hollywood is a classic gold which looks great for a medium through to deeper skin tones.

 The two shades we don't have are Starlight, which is a white gold and looks great on a fair skin tone. The fourth colour is Riviera and is a deeper rose gold for a dark skin tone.
 These also look great on the eyes and body.
They are £28.00 each and the good news is that they are easily available in the UK now, bad news is they are limited edition so you need to get in there quick.
 Head over to or if you are in the States you can purchase from


Monday, 12 October 2015

Harley Quinn Halloween Tutorial

It's that time of the year again!!.....


Friday, 9 October 2015

Burberry Kisses Sheer Lipsticks

The Burberry Kisses collection has been around for a while but from November 1st there are some new shade extensions.
 If you have never seen a Burberry lipstick then you absolutely must check them out, if only for the packaging! Solid, chunky silver casing with the Burberry check embossed across. The lids are magnetic so not only does the lid click down securely but if you have more than one Burberry lipstick then they will all magnetically click together in your makeup bag...we are easily pleased!

There are 28 shades in the collection, each at £25.00 each. The texture is a gel/balm with a moisture infused sheen. The colour is a sheer wash but the colour pigment is rich, the colour also translates onto the lip exactly as it looks in the tube. Feels super comfortable on the lip and doesn't cling to any dryness.
 Each lipstick is infused with rosehip, tea and lavender for hydration and conditioning.

 We have three of the new shades...

Camelia 229, Hydrangea 249, Hibiscus 237

The collection is available from 1st November via Burberry Beauty Box and selected Burberry stores.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Illamasqua Radiance Veil

The latest primer from Illamasqua is for the radiance lovers. Presented in the same style pot as the Matte Veil Primer we reviewed back in April 2014 except the Illamasqua logo is in a holographic print.

This primer is a much thicker texture than the matte finish, it has a texture similar to a whipped cream. This product is a primer/illuminator mix and coats the skin in a golden pearl sheen.

It's by no means a natural highlight but quite a strong glaze of gold on the skin. The highlighting pigments are super fine glitter particles rather than a moisturising sheen or gloss.
 It doesn't feel greasy or moisturising so would be suitable for all skins, even oily. 
 We wouldn't really use this all over the face, it's quite intense. Buffing it onto the areas of the face you require a highlight works best or if you do want to wear it all over then mix a tiny amount in with your foundation and blend together over the face.
 The cream dries off pretty quick and if not correctly blended it can collect in an area and be tricky to blend, we found applying with a slightly damp brush helped to blend evenly.
 This primer is £32 for a 30ml pot which would last ages. It's available now from


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Stylist Live 2015

We are super excited to be on the schedule for this years Stylist Live event. Stylist Live is a four day festival in Islington, London which hosts catwalk shows, live chats with industry insiders and exhibitions.

 The event runs from 15th-18th October and we will be on the Stylist Inspires stage on the Friday 16th at 10.45-11.45am. We will be chatting to Stylist beauty expert Jo McGarry about Pixiwoo, Real Techniques, blogging and what we have planned for the future.  
 We will also be creating a live makeup demo for the Stylist Inspires audience.

Stylist Live is held at the Business Design Centre in Islington, London. There are a variety of ticket options but a full day adult ticket is £25.00, there are also additional charges to gain access to see certain artists. For directions and information on transport and to purchase tickets check out the Stylist Live site...

We really hope you can make it to see us.


Monday, 5 October 2015

Poison Ivy Tutorial

Halloween is coming and we asked you for your ideas on tutorials for us to recreate, Poison Ivy stood out as a popular choice...Here you go!!


Friday, 2 October 2015

Tatcha Luminous dewy skin mist

A facial mist is a really underrated product. It's something we always have in our kit or personal makeup bags. When working on a shoot they come in handy to mist over the models face if we find foundation is clinging to dry skin, also if you are struggling to blend cream products, such as cream contour they give you a little bit more slip to work with. Often brands will say that spritzing their mist over the skin will help with the longevity of the makeup, we tend to disagree. It will certainly freshen and bring the skin back to life and help to re-buff in any creased eye shadows but it's not really going to make your makeup last any longer. 

This Luminous dewy mist from Tatcha is not your bog standard facial mist. It certainly isn't one we would share on a shoot!! It's more of a skin reviving mist with beneficial ingredients. Silk extract, liquorice, green tea, red algae and royal jelly are just a few of the goodies packed within. It deeply moisturises a dry or dehydrated skin, soothes redness, plumps and calms a stressed out skin.
 It won't leave your skin feeling tight and will veil your skin in a very fine radiance. 
 If you work in an air conditioned office, hospital or travel a lot then this is an awesome product to have stashed away.
 Such amazing ingredients mean this doesn't come cheap ($48.00 or £31.00) but the biggest blow is that you can't get it easily unless you are in the States. Tatcha will ship to the UK and other countries but there are additional charges. Check out their website for more info..
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