Thursday, 10 September 2015

Mink Eye Lashes

We have been approached a few times by brands asking us to review mink lashes. It's a product which did interest but we were keen to find out the background behind how the mink hair was sourced, something not every brand could provide us with.
 We were contacted by a fellow Youtuber and blogger called Fatiha who wanted to tell us about her range of mink 3D lashes. 
 We discussed the minks living conditions Fatiha explained how this range of lashes were 100% cruelty free. The minks are kept clean and safe, cared for to an extremely high standard and fed their correct diet. The hairs from the mink can only be collected primarily in the summer months. This is when minks begin their shedding season. The naturally fallen hairs are collected and cleaned so that they are hygienic to be used. The hairs are never exposed to harsh chemicals or dyes. The fluffy, glossy texture you see in the case is exactly how they would naturally look.
 The lashes look almost synthetic in the case because they are so fluffy and glossy.

 They are jet black and very full. Tons of fine hairs have been hand crafted and tied onto the black, cotton band to provide extreme volume. These lashes are for people who like a strong, false lash look. There are 6 styles available, 3 of which we have to show you. They do look quite similar but each offer something a little different.

Rola Lashes, Image from

Cyrin Lashes, Image from
Haifa Lashes, Image from

 They are quite wide so you will need to trim up the inner corner edge to enable them to fit your eye shape. There is no glue provided so you will need to purchase this separately. Fatihas does also sell an adhesive but to be honest you could use any.

If you look after these lashes carefully by gently removing, picking off any excess glue and storing in the case then you can get numerous uses from them.

 The lashes are £14.99 each and can be shipped to the UK for an extra £1.98 or £4.99 internationally.

 Sam will be using these in a Film Noir tutorial coming over the next few weeks so you can see how they look.

You can read more about the mink lashes and purchase over at Fatiha is also happy to discuss any questions regarding the minks if you should want to know further information.



  1. So interesting. Glad you took the time to investigate into cruelty free mink lashes. If there's anything that needs to be cruelty free, it should be something like that.

  2. I've been your huge fan a really long time. This is the first time I'm really disappointed. Do you really believe those lashes can be cruelty free when the minks live for human beauty purposes? There isn't a cruelty free option in mink lashes. Period. If you want to believe something else then do. It's like believing that one can drink humane cow milk. This is your choice of course but I would never ever use something for my beauty that's from an animal that's kept away from it's natural habitat for that purpose.

  3. This is something that has been at the back of my mind, I generally don't use false eyelashes but was sent a mink pair which look amazing! I used them for a recent video tutorial but being vegetarian I did keep thinking 'what have I out on my eyes!!'
    So glad you have this information, although I know it depends on the company xx

  4. I agree that it will be very hard to absolutely ensure the minks are kept so well looked after. Half of these things are sourced from China which has shocking animal welfare standards and unless the company is there all the time it cannot ensure welfare standards.

  5. I've heart that there are no mink or other natural fur eyelashes on the Planet Earth. If so, they would cause a big allergy to many people. I've heart they all made from plastic or alternative materials though... Does anyone know anything about it?
    Yukova x
    Yukova Fashion, Style and Beauty Blog | Instagram

  6. Completely pointless caging of animals in the name of vanity when there are perfectly good artificial ones on the market! x


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