Monday, 14 September 2015

Mineral Makeup Tutorial

There is always a lot of confusion around mineral makeup and it's something we had never really tested out.
 Nic has created a tutorial using only mineral makeup to see how it performed.
 What are your favourite mineral makeup brands?



  1. So the lip color is so lovely! A must have. How did it wear throughout the day? As a busy mum I usually go for longer lasting formulas.

    1. It lasted really well and wore off evenly

  2. Thanks for a great tutorial! I really enjoyed it. I tend to use mineral makeup because standard makeup always feels heavy and oily on my skin. I'm also a minimalist kind of makeup gal, so mineral makeup with a neutral palette suits my needs, though I do add colors from standard lines into the mix when I have a big event (my go to lip color is called Barcelona from Buxom). Lately, I have fallen hard for a brand called Tarte that can be found at ULTA in the U.S.. It is a mineral based makeup that uses maracuja oil in many of its balms and liquid products. It feels divine on my skin. I know you come to the U.S. occasionally (in fact, I was excited to see a display of your brushes at my local ULTA!), perhaps you could give Tarte a test.

    Thanks again for all of your fantastic tutorials!

  3. Youtube is blocked in Pakistan. Do you upload on daily motion or else where.

  4. I've used US brand Pur Minerals. Their mineral pressed powder foundation is pretty good. It's a matte finish - must be low levels of mica ... I quite like it.

  5. Love this mineral makeup!! Thanks for sharing this video!!
    Kisses and hugs from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. Barefaced beauty mineral foundation is THE BEST! It's a UK brand :)

  7. Loved this video, I don't use enough mineral makeup.
    Check out my travel & beauty blog..

  8. I use Bare Minerals loose foundation with a primer and it lasts longer than any liquid/cream foundation I have ever used.

  9. I use Arbonne as it's high performance and safe :)

  10. I use Arbonne as it's high performance and safe :)

  11. You didn't read the directions on the foundation. ��. Just a drop or two and shake very well. Probably why it was so shiny. I find mineral makeup lasts much better than regular.


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