Friday, 18 September 2015

Film Noir Tutorial

We can't believe we have never done a Film Noir tutorial before!
 Film noir was synonymous with the 1940-1950's film era. Often crime dramas or detective films, this dark and tense style set a trend which spawned a generation of über glamorous women (and men).
 Some of our ultimate style and makeup icons arose from this era. Lauren Bacall, Veronica Lake, Ava Gardner..the list goes on. 
 Film Noir was obviously shot in black and white which meant the makeup had to be extra strong to ensure it was both visible and striking.
 Believe it or not Kim K wasn't the pioneer for a contoured cheekbone. These women and their makeup artists were doing it way before.
 Matte products with seamless blending were used to show both light and shade on the face. Lets also not forget about the hair. Always set and brushed out into soft waves and gentle curls.
 The Film noir look is something we all still recreate in one form or another, a deep lip or a matte powdered skin, it's a timeless look that we adore.

Check out Sam's recreation of a Film Noir look here and let us know what you think.



  1. You say brown lips don't look good on you, but I actually think that the dark brown lip is very flattering on you! We have very similar coloring, my hair is a bit darker than yours - but skin and eyes are very similar, and I've always thought brown lips don't look good on me either, but I'm gonna give it a go now!!!!

  2. You look stunning! Love your hair :) Maybe if I get adventurous one day I will try :) All love, Stella

  3. Beautiful hair!! Loved it!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  4. You look so beautiful . I will spend time to do it on my own.
    thankyou :)

  5. I love this look! x

  6. Love the film noir look!

    Re: Halloween. I'm planning to be a mermaid for Halloween. Not Ariel, more like the original "luring sailors to their death" version. Eerily pretty--necklace of see rocks and sea glass, silvery green "scales" on my face, maybe concealed eyebrows and weird contacts to give it a really alien/fishy look.

    However, been having trouble finding tutorials for a creepy mermaid look. Would love to see your interpretation of this idea!


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