Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Bobbi Brown Intense Pigment Eye Liner

Cake liners are making a come back in Bobbi Brown's Autumn collection 'The new greige'. 
 Three small powder liner palettes which each contain three complimentary colours.
  These little palettes are great for carrying in your kit or to transport in your makeup bag.
 You don't need to wet them, just use a fine brush straight into the powder.
 There is no drop down from these but they do require a certain amount of building up. A firm brush, such as a small angled brush, will give you a stronger finish but it always looks slightly diffused rather than crisp. Perfect if you like a softer line. Not so great on a mature eye or eyes which have fine lines as the powder tends to wrinkle up in the skin texture.

Palette 1 in Midnight is a mix of navy, royal and midnight blue. We didn't have this palette to swatch for you.

Palette 2 in Black Plum is a charcoal grey, plum and soft black.

 Palette 3 in Forest is a mix of taupe, forest green and chocolate brown.

 Use colours individually or create a look using all three blended into each other. If you require a stronger colour pay-off try using them over the top of a black or coloured gel liner.

 These are available later this September and are £26.50 each. 



  1. Odd that it isn't being marketed to use with a damp or wet brush ... That's the point of cake liner. It's just eyeshadow repackaged in a sense then. Pretty colours tho.

  2. Cake liners are supposed to be used with a wet brush I agree.

  3. I love these eye liners!! Nice post!!
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