Thursday, 27 August 2015

Tanzee Tanning sheet

The simple ideas are always the best. This product has answered our tanning prayers! For years we have moaned to each other about how we want to apply some tan before bedtime ready for an event but it's such a chore to then have to wash your bed sheets the next day. A chore we despise at the best of times.

Applying fake tan before bedtime is always the logical time to do it. You go to bed, the tan is left on overnight for around 8 hours, you wake up and wash it off. The only issue with this is that your bed covers get a horrid orange stain and your sheets are left stinking of that biscuity evilness which fake tan generally smells of.
 The other option to combat this, and something we always do, is to cocoon yourself in old clothes. Loose tracksuit bottoms, old disgusting T-Shirt with a tatty scratchy towel over your pillow. Oh the glamour!

Australian brand Tanzee have produced a genius product to stop all of this nonsense. 

The Tanzee is basically a super lightweight silky sheet which looks like a sleeping bag. It's huge so unlike a sleeping bag, you have room to toss and turn about at night without getting twisted up.

 It has a large pocket at the head end which you insert your regular pillow into. The opening also has a flap which you fold over your duvet to protect your bedsheets from rubbing around your shoulders and neck.

 We thought initially this would be really sweaty but it isn't at all. It's made from a micro fiber silk fabric which feels soft, lightweight and silky on the skin. The silky feel means your sticky body won't get stuck to the fabric.
 Your bedsheets are totally protected and you get to have a good nights sleep without sweating in your usual tanning clothes!

It folds down to a tiny square so you can take it with you if you are staying away but need to tan.

It's available in a few colours of brown, black, purple or pink. There are also two size options of regular 210x80 or large 210x120.
 In the morning just sling it in the washing machine ready for the next use.

This is an Australian brand and although they do ship worldwide you will need to be prepared to wait up to 21 days if you live out of Australia.
 Tanzee's range from $38.95-$42.95 (AUD) which is around £27-£30 so by no means cheap but once you have one then you will never need to replace it. I guess you have to weigh up the cost against how much you tan and how often it means you have to re-wash your bed linen.
 International shipping is around £5.00 but their website has a shipping calculator so you can get the precise cost depending on where you live.

Check out the Tanzee over on their site



  1. Love this Tanzee Tanning Sheet!! Thanks for sharing!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  2. This is really a good invention for tanners!


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