Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Real Techniques Eye lining Set - Collector's edition

Liner is part of our staple makeup wardrobe so it was inevitable that we would release a specific eye lining set.
 In our latest limited edition set there are four liner brushes with the metallic finish lilac handle. You can store these brushes (or any slim RT brushes) away in the included silver protective pouch.

So why four brushes? Applying liner well is probably one of the most technical skills in makeup. Everyone's eyes are different shapes and we all like to create different styles of liner using varying types of liner product. Having the four brushes allows you to adapt your liner shape and choose the best brush to work with whatever brand or texture liner you prefer.

  • The Smudge Brush

Quite a chunky brush for lining you may think but this guy will help you achieve that beautiful defused smoky liner look. After applying the initial liner with one of the slimmer brushes you can then buff the line to either soften it or to drag it out at the edge in a feline fashion. Also great for blending pencil liner under the eye.

  • The Eyeliner Brush

This firm, angled brush gives you great gel or liquid liner control. A great brush for people just starting out in the world of liner!
 The angle allows you to place your product onto the edge of the eye, creating your liner flick. The brush does all the work!
 You can also use the angle to fill in the inner corner of the eye. 
 Also a great brush for use on the brows.

  • The Pointed liner Brush

A fantastic brush to fill in the main body of your liner with. Use the flat side to create a thick 60's style liner over the eye shape or use it on it's side to create the end flick. Also useful if you are creating graphic liner looks or creating unique shapes with your liner.

  • The Precise liner Brush
This liner brush is for those who like an ultra fine line which sits close to the lashes. Also great for correcting any uneven lines or building shape with. A good brush to use for tight lining under the eye lashes or for detailed liner work.

Each brush is made from the standard synthetic fibres as our other Real Techniques brushes and are hand cut for precision.

 If you want a little extra guidance on how to use the brushed then check out Nic's tutorial here...

 Head over to for shipping info and also a drop down currency convertor so you can check the price in your own country. These will be coming to Boots stores in the UK over the next few weeks.


  1. I need this! I've been after a few new eye brushes! Has come at the right time.

  2. Wow its really amazing
    i love it

  3. Love this!! Fantastic Liner brushes!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  4. I seriously need these in my life! They look incredible! x

  5. I'm all over this xx

  6. I'm all over this xx

  7. I'm all over this xx

  8. Huge fan of Real Techniques brushes, think I need these in my life!!

  9. Can't wait to try these.

  10. This is going to be a must have set for me. Will be hitting this up on payday!


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