Tuesday, 18 August 2015

NARS Audacious Mascara

If you were a teen in the 90's you will no doubt have watched Bill & Ted's Excellent adventure with the catchphrase "Totally bodacious". I can't help but say the name of the new NARS Audacious mascara in the same style accent as them.. and now you probably will too!
 Anyway, enough of my ramblings.. what's this new mascara all about?
Packaging is true to NARS usual style. Matte black with a soft feel.  The lid has an orange tip which makes it easy to locate amongst the ever increasing draw of mascara's we have in the office. The brush is also the same hot orange colour but it's covered with mascara so you can't actually see that.

Nicola Chapman

As with most mascara's all the hard work is done by the wand head. It's a plastic wand ( we normally prefer a softer bristle brush) which has a mix of long and short moulded bristles. Reminiscent of a medieval torture implement! It's slightly tapered and the bristles even extend around onto the tip of the wand. It's a pretty impressive looking brush to be fair.

On inspection the formula is silky, creamy and intensely black. The brush doesn't grab excessive amounts of product but just the right amount to ensure a good coat is achieved.
 On the lashes it separates really well and lashes are instantly coated in a thick, creamy coat which is totally jet black. This mascara is great for people who like a lot of mascara and need help with thickening and separation. One coat was enough for us but if you like an extreme look then this is easily achievable with a second layer.

  Only down side is that the brush is quite big so it's easy to catch the skin or inside of the nose. Getting a good coat of mascara on the bottom lashes using the flat of the brush is almost impossible. You need to use the fine spikes on the tip of the wand.

This mascara is available from 1st September 2015 and will be exclusive to Space NK uk.spacenk.com It will be available from all other NARS locations from 1st October 2015. It is only available in black and will be £20.00.



  1. so nice & and beautiful beauty product

  2. Looks and sounds interesting but i think some of the drugstore versions seem a bit better. Definitely one to test out in stores perhaps. xx


  3. I got a sample size and have been loving it!


  4. Very Nice!! Love this product!!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. I've never been good with plastic wands. I'm really interested to try it out xo


  6. Can't wait to try it! It looks amazing and I am a sucker for packaging <3


  7. I cannot wait to try this!!


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