Wednesday, 29 July 2015

YSL Pretty Metal

YSL has gone all grunge like for it's 2015 Autumn collection.
 Pretty metal is a compilation which mainly focuses on the eyes.

 Kicking off for the eyes is the Metal Clash eye shadow palette.
  This is the showstopper piece of the collection and the case of this palette had us drawn in immediately.

 The classic gold casing has had a revamp and now features a white gold studded YSL logo.
 Inside the mirrored palette are the tell tale classic shades which scream autumn but will also see you through to (dare we say it)..Christmas!!

 Five shades including a ashen gold, a lilac highlighter, deep satin finish plum, choclate satin brown and dirty red burgundy.
 Great colour vibrancy, little drop down and easily blended. A very wearable palette. You could layer on and blend every colour in this palette and it would work harmoniously well.

This palette would work on all eye colours but would look insane on a green or blue eye.
 This palette is £42.00 and limited edition.

Next up for the eyes are the Kajal crayons. Four shades available with this collection in black, navy, petrol blue and a opalescent green.
 The kajal have a very waxy texture which is great for application ease and longevity. Not the best liners for blending as they tend to adhere quickly to the skin but great for an intense liner look. Each kajal is £25.00.

No2 Bleu Cobalt
 Couture Brow shaper mascara in a glossy brunette or ash blonde finishes the brows and frames the eyes. We love the packaging for this, it has a real 70's vibe. The long wand holds a mini, tapered brush which softly brushes the product through the brows. Hairs are naturally tinted and set without looking brittle.

No2 Ash Blonde

 This shade in Ash blonde is the perfect shade for blondes. Not too warm but a great blend of ash and taupe.
 The brow shapers are £21.00. 

There are three lipsticks as part of the collection and we have the shade in No34 Rose in sound. A soft pink with an undertone of coral. Feels super glossy and moisturising. Due to the glossy texture they are not super long lasting but they feel very comfortable and are easy just to quickly apply a slick and go. Lipsticks are £26.00 each.

 This collection is available today (29th July 2015) nationwide and from


  1. I love the colour of that lipstick. Xx

  2. Whoop! Grunge is very me so I already love this collection :) X


  3. That palette is gorgeous, especially the packaging!

  4. the packaging is all so cute

  5. Wow!! I love this color!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  6. Amazing collection!!!


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