Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Balm - Meet Matt(e) Hughes

The Balm is a brand we have only recently got to know. They have been producing products sine 2004 but maybe it's just taken this long to get across 'The Pond' to us.

 The balm packaging and marketing does have a Benefit cosmetics feel to it. Kitsch images on the card packaging with puns in the shade names. They also hail from San Fransisco!

 We have used a few of their products in various tutorials, mainly the Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter which we love. You can see it used here...

A matte finish lipgloss is always a winner for us. Not being huge fans of an overly sticky gloss we generally prefer the matte variety.
 The Balm have a range of liquid lips called Meet Matt(e) Hughes. 

  Eight bold shades with a doe foot style applicator. Extremely creamy texture which glides onto the lips in a smooth, creamy layer. They are infused with Peppermint oil which smells great, really uplifting and fresh.
 Initially we thought these liquid lips had a shimmer as they appear to have a fine sparkle but this dries off and you are left with a flat, matte finish.
 The matte texture means these last well on the lips. They don't dry off to an immovable matte finish like other liquid lips we have reviewed but they do last really well and will stain the lips.
 Colours are beautifully bold and punchy.

 They don't feel drying on the lips and hardly need any touching up throughout the day.

 If you live in the States then you're in luck as these will be delivered in 2-8 working days with free shipping from If you're in the in the rest of the world then delivery is around 2 weeks and to be honest the shipping charges are pretty astronomical. You can get a shipping quote on The Balm website so check for your country. In the UK these are available from
 These liquid lips are $17.00 each (around £11.00.



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  2. The balm is available at debenhams oxford street now fyi

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  4. Honest is my colour! Beautiful :)

  5. They look amazing i want them all x

  6. I have Committed and Charming, they're great and affordable MLBB shades

  7. I do love a liquid lipstick, will take a look and purchase x

  8. I love those colors!! Especially Honest and Commited!!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  9. I love their products and I am really glad that you wrote about it. I am honored to say that I am an authorized distributor for the Balm Cosmetics. They are a wonderful company! Check out my site if you ever get a chance :)


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