Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedicure

Okay so we have made the transition from winter shoes into summer sandals and flip flops. This is the moment where you realise your feet resemble pigs trotters with cracked skin all around the heel and pads of hard skin under the toes.
 A certain amount of hard skin on the soles is not a bad thing as it protects your feet. It's when the hard skin starts to take on a dusty, white/grey colour and feels rough you need to act. When the hard skin starts to catch on socks or tights is always the final straw for us!
  We have had our Scholl velvet smooth express pedi for months now. It's the sort of product you have laying in a bathroom drawer and forget how much you love it.

It's basically the lazy persons foot file. It doesn't do anything different to the good old fashioned foot file however it's quicker, easier and takes less effort. We all want that don't we?
  It's a battery operated device (takes x4 AA Batteries) which has a rotating roller to remove the hard skin. The roller has no sharp edges and doesn't hurt or pull the skin and it doesn't tickle either. It's made from an abrasive sandpaper effect roller which has tiny diamond crystal particles embedded onto it.

Making sure your feet are totally dry when you start, switch it on and gently roll it over the dry, hard skin on the feet. If the feet are wet it's too hard to tell where the hard skin is. Ensure you keep it only over the hard skin and not any soft, squidgy skin. It won't cut or hurt the softer skin but it won't feel very comfortable. The hard skin will literally fly off into the air (gross) so we would advise sitting in the garden to do it or over the bath. 
 Be careful though as it does get really addictive. It's so satisfying seeing all the dry skin fly off that you can take it down too far. Just give it a gentle once over and see how it feels before you carry on.
 Your feet will feel so soft and amazing!
 Once your roller head starts to wear down (they last ages) you can purchase a new head to fit in your roller. There are also different levels of abrasive texture depending on how extreme your hard skin is.
 You can purchase this from tons of suppliers so shop around online to get the best price but they are generally around £29.99.



  1. Feet should always be looked after no matter how much they're hidden away. There's no excuse x


  2. Absolutely want to try this! Good tip about using this outside though ha!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. Be careful though, especially if you're diabetic or have circulation problems - as you say, it can get very addictive and over-filing your feet can cause all sorts of trouble if you have those conditions. I am diabetic and I still use one, you just have to go gently!!

  4. I also have this!! It is very comfortable to use!!
    Love from www.trangscorner.com {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  5. I need to spend more time on my feet. As a dance teacher I'm bare foot a lot and should take more time. Thanks for the post, very useful. xo


  6. I literally just saw the advert for this on TV last night and thought about buying it. Might have to invest!

  7. I've been meaning to get one of these because I'm literally the worst with hard skin on my feet! It's always been a problem and nothing seems to help - but I'm hoping this will! Going to treat myself to one on pay day wahey! (Can you really call this a treat? Ha!)

    Shan | Karma's A Badword

  8. I've been reviewing these electric pedis for a pedicure website where I work. This Scholl pedi is one of my favourites - I really like the design, the brand and the fact that it really works. A must-buy for a summer holiday period. Stella


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