Thursday, 9 July 2015

OPI Colourpaints

It's festival season so we are embracing our inner hippy and painting tie dye nails.
Image courtesy of OPI created by nail expert Sophie Harris-Greenslade
 This collection holds nine shades which blend into each other to create a rainbow tie-dye.

 Nobody has a large enough nail bed to fit all the colours in but select your blend and get creative.
Once you have filed your nails paint a layer of the silver canvas. This will give you a base in which to blend your colours into.

  I selected the yellow and green to blend together but you can choose which ever colours you prefer.

 We used a fine liner brush to apply the shade in primarily yellow. It's easier to blend your next colour while the 1st is still wet just make sure you have cleaned your brush before dipping into the next colour.

I blended the green into the yellow, cleaned my brush and then built each colour up to make them stronger.

Once dry, paint on a clear top coat to help blend and protect.

These are available now exclusively at Selfridges store and online.
 You can purchase singularly for £12.50 each, in a mini kit for £19.95 or as a large size trio which also includes a nail art brush for £29.95. 

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  1. Although this isn't something I'd personally try (I'm quite lazy when it comes to nails), I think this is a really cool concept :) X


  2. It looks ok but not something I would like to try.

    Niche Makeup

  3. Nail Polish Direct sells them much cheaper, I think £8.95 per bottle. I can't see them on Selfridges, would be interested in the mini set.

  4. I want some of these!! Too cool!

    Kat ♥

  5. I want some of these!! Too cool!

    Kat ♥

  6. I don't know... might look cool when a pro does the design on your nails... but it looks a bit wonky here and I'm not sure I would ever be able to make this look cool on myself. Going for a classic coral for this year's season! ;)


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