Friday, 24 July 2015

No7 Dramatic Lift Mascara

No7 have no less than fourteen mascara's in their line up and have now thrown another into the mix. We can't keep up!
 Their latest launch is the Dramatic lift mascara.

Short natural bristles are curved gently to enable the brush to sit comfortably in the contour of the eye.
 The actual mascara has a creamy gel like texture and provides a glossy shine.
 Flexible polymers and building waxes keep lashes soft rather than brittle looking.

 It does give the lashes a nice lift and the lashes definitely felt softly curled and weightless. I wouldn't say it's overly dramatic but a nice every day mascara to open the eye, gives a jet black pigment to the lashes and awesome lash separation. The brush is also a nice shape to apply product to the lower lashes without transferring product onto your skin.
 Also available in brown which is a nice option for brides who like a really natural look.
  Available now for £10.00 as an introductory price but will be £13.50 from the 5th August 2015.


  1. Fourteen mascaras? Wow! I didn't realise they had so many in their collection X


  2. All the No7 mascaras are on at £10 until 4th August :)

  3. That's so good!

    Meme xx

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  4. This blog is great and i actually have a mascara that is a little like that but i think i will buy that particular one because judging from the picture you have it will do a good job

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  5. Love this post!! Thanks for sharing!!
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