Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Tuesday Chat: Tattoo removal

Nic has a tattoo on her back and a tattoo on her foot. Both were done quite a few years ago and although she loved them at the time she now feels they just don't fit her image any longer. Nic quite often likes to wear dresses to events and loves delicate high shoes but often feels the tattoo on her foot can sometimes ruin the look of the shoes.

 She recently begun a laser tattoo treatment on both her foot and the tattoo on her back.
 She thought you may like to take a look at how the treatment is done and how it feels during.

Have you ever had this treatment done? Nic would love to see your before and after pictures. You can tweet them to her at @nixiepixi



  1. That looks so scary! Good Nic on the removal and hope it heals quick ! x

  2. ahh I can just feel the pain

  3. Oooh looks painful! hope it all goes ok :)

  4. Hey its Amazing!!
    I found my school photo,,,,Now It's your turn..

  5. Ouch! Good luck with the treatments, Nic! My younger sister is actually a tattoo artist and spends a lot of her job speaking to people, while covering their tattoos with another tattoo, about tattoo removal. Here in the U.S. it's super expensive and probably equally as painful as it seems to be in the UK, so a lot of her clients decide on cover-ups rather than removal. Hang in there and good luck!

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